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We have all caught ourselves with the wrong shoes at the wrong time. All dressed up for a special occasion or a work event in the killer heels, and then at some point, realizing that you were just not prepared for the extra walk ahead of you, or the important errand you need to take care of. You admit doing that in heels is not the best idea, but what option do you have. Or do you?

Linda from Trendy on a Budget shows how it is done! With a busy life as a lifestyle blogger, a daytime professional, and a full time wife, she has to make the most of every little time that she has. She keeps a pair of the foldup flats from Fit In Clouds, so whether it is between photo sessions for her blog or taking care of errands after work, she has a comfortable pairs of shoes to flip into! These flats come in a carry pouch and fit right in her purse for easy portability!

Foldup flats black

Now it would be totally awesome if she could pull out a genie from her purse instead that would take care of all the running around, but until then, these foldup flats are your best bet!

Its summer time, which along with BBQ and beach also means its graduation time! All the several years of party hard-work have finally paid off (along with the tuition bills, or atleast some of them) and its finally to celebrate this significant day with friends and family.

As you walk across the stage, to pick up your diploma and hear your posse scream as you name is called out, remember, this is the beginning of a new chapter. When you fill up applications going forward, your occupation will no longer be “student”. The weekend will no longer begin on a Thursday night and the email you use most often will change from a .edu to a .com or a .org. But before you get there, is one more thing to do. A graduation party. Here are some creative graduation party ideas to get you an A grade.

  • Welcome everyone with an fun yet very simple way. Plant letters along a walkway to say your message – congrats,
    welcome, graduation, student bills – whatever you want! Here is a suggestion from Better homes and garden. Ofcourse this would also look great on a wall if you do not have a fancy walkway to greet your visitors! congrats


  • Setting up tables at your party? Here is amazing, DIY graduation center piece that will have your guests talking. You could have been a econ major, but this will make you like and A grade student in creativity. All you will need are some numbers cut out, some glitter, sticks, and other decoration items and some major jars.jars


  • Getting a graduation gift is always tricky. Think too much to provide a thoughtful item, and you will be adding to the
    graduate’s “for sale” collection. Be simple and provide cash and you might come across as lazy (but awesome!). Maybe some combination of the above might work. Here is a nice sculpture we came across that looks thoughtful and classy. sculpture


“Cinco de Mayo makes me long for a world in which all holidays are conveniently named after the dates on which they fall”

No matter how you look at it, we Americans love celebrating the victories of other countries. Whether it is St. Patrick’s day, or Cinco De Mayo, we do not discriminate. Now you could get into the significance of this historic day and say things like…Cinco de Mayo  is celebrated to honor Mexico’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War between 1861-1867, but I think you will lose most people after the first three words.

Cinco de Mayo holiday in Mexico is called El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (The Day of the Battle of Puebla), but here in the US, that is day we Americans consume 81 million Avocado’s and drink several million gallons of Margarita’s. With summer temperatures starting to take hold in most of the country, there are several outdoor parades and activities organized in several cities.

People have this misconception that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day, but infact, Mexicans celebrate their day of independence on September 16. Here is one mis-informed person taking the significance of the day to a whole new level.

4th of july,america,cinco de mayo,fourth of july,independence day,mexicans,mexico,terrorists,united states


So how ever you may decide to celebrate to celebrate this historic and culturally important day, remember the sacrifices of the soldiers when you raise your glass to salude!



Depending on where you live in US, you may not agree with the statement that the official first day of spring was about a week ago. With snow in the ground in plenty of places, it still might seem like winter. With that in mind, it might be tough to think about upcoming prom season. That is right – prom, which is short for promenade, is a annual rite of passage for thousands of high school students across the US. The dress, the date, the shoes, the hair, the ride, the music etc get planned months in advance.

Based on where the school stands on the spectrum of “liberalness”, girls plan their dresses from the sexy little black dress from the retailer Dress Street to the more modest prom gowns. In fact, to make sure that not all girls show up in their little black dresses, there is a catholic school in Pennsylvania that is requiring students to submit a photograph of their prom dress for approval before wearing it to prom. Apparently this has not gone well with either parents or students. Surprised? And can you image the logistics nightmare of going to shop, selecting a dress, sending a picture, waiting for a response, and going back to buy it hoping it is still there?


As you can imagine with this formal events, heels are an absolute part of the girls attire, especially if you plan to wear the little black dress! And just like many other formal events, where the event starts of great in heels, a lot of women end of barefoot or bring a pair of back up portable flats for the end of the night. After all, the party does not end at the prom. There is usually an after prom party and walking barefoot just does not match the prom dress!




There has been a lot of discussion lately (or lack thereof) about women in the corporate world. Based on which statistic you believe, you can say we have made progress in the last few years, or you can be convinced that things have gotten worse. Hope you chose to be more optimistic :) Most recently, there has been news of Google hiring Ruth Porat as its new CFO who was formerly the CFO of Morgan Stanley. She is known as the most powerful woman on wall street, and oh, BTW, she will be paid more than a cool $70 Million. Kudos to her. We all know the sacrifices she must have made in her life to get where she is today.


Also on the the tech world seems to getting a lot of female CEO’s. We have Ginny Rometty as leader of IBM, Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, Meg Whitman of HP, and Safra Catz at Oracle to name a few. Those are heavy hitter corporate ladies leading household names! These tech companies is what made Silicon Valley! It’s not just women oriented brands like Avon being led by us. Now we are helping GM build better cars and helping Duke Energy drive America’s growth.

Did you know that New York is home to the most Fortune 1000 companies with women CEO’s? And who says you cannot have it all – more women CEO’s in Fortune 1000 married and have children vs the national average!

So while there is no doubt that women need to take on leadership roles at America’s largest corporation, we sure have come a long way even 10 or even 5 years ago! Who says high heels cannot take over the corner office!

The black diamond snakeskin foldable flats have always been on our best selling flats. They are sold at boutiques across the US, and have been reviewed by several bloggers, including most recently by Megan Crean from Posh Prime.



We love the way how Megan paired them with a cropped blush sweater and some distressed skinnies. She sure does know a thing or two about style!

If there one place were you need comfortable walking shoes, it is Las Vegas. With its deceivingly short distances between casinos, it is not uncommon to walk mile after mile on the street, and then another few miles once inside the casino, just looking for the exit sign. Add to that the night life, and fancy high heels, and its its a fairly common site to see ladies walking around barefoot with heels in their day. Not just at night, but also during the day.

Several casinos on the strip have shops that sell our portable flats. A while back, we were proud to add the Hyde Lounge at the Bellagio as one of our retailers. Now, we have MGM special order these flats for their guests!

MGM grand



So next time you are in Las Vegas, make sure you grab a pair of these portable flats to keep in your purse. Better yet, order these portable flats online right now, and have it delivered straight to your hotel room. The casino’s inside might have carpet, but the sidewalks are definitely still concrete!

Over the year, Fit In Clouds has expanded its selective retailing to several prominent e-tailers such as AmazonOverstock and ShoeBuy. Today, we are proud to add another major e-tailer – Country Outfitters. Not limited to just country wear items anymore, they have expanded their product line to include adorable handbag and jewelry as well as household items!  Their latest addition in women’s shoes includes portable flats from Fit In Clouds and we would like to to welcome Country Outfitters as our newest retailer!




Know for their dedication to all things country, Country Outfitters loves everything about the country lifestyle from music to rodeo to fashion! We look forward to working with them and learning about “country”!

Want to get a head start on your holiday shopping? We can help! Infact, is it even considered shopping if you win something? And you don’t have to fill up forms, stand in line or mail something in to qualify. All you have to do it ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ on Facebook. That’s correct! For our day 1 of the giveaway, one random winner will be randomly selected to receive a free pair of the silver sequin foldup flats!!

fb like

All you have to do is (1) Head over to our facebook page (2) Click on like and share the silver sequin image (3) cross your fingers to be selected as a winner

Here is your chance to win a free pair of foldable flats from Fit In Clouds! We are celebrating November with our 3 days giveaway. Each day gives you a chance to win a free pair of these super comfortable flats.


So what do win and what do you have to do get your hands (and feet) on these flats. Check out this list for giveaway of foldable flats:

Day 1 : Sequin foldup flatsShiny, bright and elegant foldup flats that look great for formal as well as a casual wear! Need proof? Read the unedited customer reviews on Amazon for the silver sequin flats. Here is Iris wearing the red sequin flats

Day 2 : Patent folding shoes – Probably one of our most popular styles, these shoes have a patent leather look that gives a high gloss and a shiny finish. Extremely popular on Overstock with glowing reviews from several several buyers! 

 Day 3 : Studded foldup flats – Our latest style, which comes with an extra padding of insole to make this pair super duper comfortable for outside wear! Accented with metallic stud, these foldup flats flats might just become your everyday flats! Take a look at Alina styling these flats with her burgundy maxi skirt

Stay tuned to find out the activity you will have to complete to win an entry for the free pair drawing! There will never be an easier way to get these flats!


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