You might ask. Fair enough. Once you have attained bliss by taking of your heels and putting on the foldable Fit in Clouds you were carrying in your little purse, where do your heels go? Certainly, they will not fit in that tiny purse! So while we may not have the perfect solution for you, we have a solution for you.

Instead of carrying the heels in your hand, you can put them in the stretchable pouch that had your portable shoes. They do not fit perfectly, but the drawstring close ensures that they are held tight and dont fall out. Enough for you to carry the pouch in one hand, or put the pouch in your bigger bag. Unfortunately, until someone comes up with heels that collapses into a size of one of those smart phones (that can do everything but make coffee in the morning), carrying the heels in your foldable shoes pouch is the best solution!

Get your portable shoes here!

fit in clouds pouch for your high heels

So what exactly are Fit In Clouds shoes? Are they folding shoes or are they portable shoes? We often get asked that question! So we have decided to standardize on that answer! Fit In Clouds are folding portable shoes!

They are shoes you can carry in your purse at all time. So whether it is after a party, ¬†or after a wedding, you always have access to the “portable shoe” and it’s portable because it is a “foldable shoe”. See for yourself here!


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