There has been a lot of discussion lately (or lack thereof) about women in the corporate world. Based on which statistic you believe, you can say we have made progress in the last few years, or you can be convinced that things have gotten worse. Hope you chose to be more optimistic :) Most recently, there has been news of Google hiring Ruth Porat as its new CFO who was formerly the CFO of Morgan Stanley. She is known as the most powerful woman on wall street, and oh, BTW, she will be paid more than a cool $70 Million. Kudos to her. We all know the sacrifices she must have made in her life to get where she is today.


Also on the the tech world seems to getting a lot of female CEO’s. We have Ginny Rometty as leader of IBM, Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, Meg Whitman of HP, and Safra Catz at Oracle to name a few. Those are heavy hitter corporate ladies leading household names! These tech companies is what made Silicon Valley! It’s not just women oriented brands like Avon being led by us. Now we are helping GM build better cars and helping Duke Energy drive America’s growth.

Did you know that New York is home to the most Fortune 1000 companies with women CEO’s? And who says you cannot have it all – more women CEO’s in Fortune 1000 married and have children vs the national average!

So while there is no doubt that women need to take on leadership roles at America’s largest corporation, we sure have come a long way even 10 or even 5 years ago! Who says high heels cannot take over the corner office!

Over the year, Fit In Clouds has expanded its selective retailing to several prominent e-tailers such as AmazonOverstock and ShoeBuy. Today, we are proud to add another major e-tailer – Country Outfitters. Not limited to just country wear items anymore, they have expanded their product line to include adorable handbag and jewelry as well as household items!  Their latest addition in women’s shoes includes portable flats from Fit In Clouds and we would like to to welcome Country Outfitters as our newest retailer!




Know for their dedication to all things country, Country Outfitters loves everything about the country lifestyle from music to rodeo to fashion! We look forward to working with them and learning about “country”!

Neon_folding_flatsLast week our blog on the neon flats introduced our readers to our latest collection – Fit In Clouds Neon Folding shoes. We were overwhelmed with the responses and feedback we received! Looks like this will be a hit for the upcoming spring styles! Most importantly, the readers pointed out the affordability of these fashionable flats – similar styles from other vendors are offered for around $100! We think that’s crazy – for that much money these flats should come included with in-built massages! Our neon folding shoes – available in Citron, Tangerine and Lime, come with a smooth inside lining and sole support – and are under $30!

Infact, Overstock has also added these stylish shoes to their offering. Check them out here. While you are there, take a look at the reviews on some of our other flats that have been there for a while. The tan retro folding flats have a near perfect 4.8 out of 5 stars and 44 reviews on the Silver sequin foldable flats give it an average of 4.2 out of 5. These reviews are unedited!

Here is some more help on styling the neon flats. If you are looking for a subtle hint of neon, take a look at how Tara from Three Wishes style does it! The citron in the flats matches perfectly with her shirt! Or you could go bold like Emily from the sweetest thing blog does with her neon shoes! Definitely a pop of color! Either ways, just remember – confidence is your best accessory to this style! And not limiting neon just to shoes, here is Abigail from Style Diary proudly styling her neon jeans! We love her stripe blazer/neon jeans combination!

Whats your style! Tell us and we might just feature you!




We’re excited to introduce our new logo/badge, featuring a photo taken by Samantha of The Brunette One.

fit in clouds badge

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Will you forgive us for bragging a bit? We’re proud to announce that Fit in Clouds represents four of the top ten best sellers in the flats category on Overstock. Want to see for yourself? Check it out!

black patent fit in clouds

#3 selling flats on Overstock: Fit In Clouds Women’s Black Patent Leather Foldable/ Portable Flats

4.2 rating

“These flats are perfect. They are comfortable and fit real nice. I take them with me when I go out dancing, after a long night of dancing you want to come out of you sexy heels that are killing your feet and slip into something more comfortable. These shoes are stylish and fit in my small party purse with my keys, mints, lip gloss and cell phone. PERFECT!”

“I really enjoy the flats and will order another pair for sure. Great buy:)”

“What a useful product. Great to have in your glovebox or purse for those late nights when you just can’t take another step in your heels. Very cute.”

#4 selling flats on Overstock: Fit In Clouds Basic Foldable Flats in gold

4.2 rating

“These are cute little flats that tuck away neatly in your purse or glove box, I’ve found them quite useful!”

#7 selling flats on Overstock: Fit In Clouds Silver Sequin Foldable Flats

4.1 rating

“These are the cutest shoes that I have…..that’s why I purchased 3 pair…..silver, gold and black !! Have recommeded them to every lady that has commented on them….and several have said they would be making a purchase.”

“I thought these would be great slippers for indoors…but the soles are so substancial that they could be worn outside….a pouch full of these sparklers would be very handy to keep in your purse when those stilettos get uncomfortable!!!”

#8 selling flats on Overstock: Fit In Clouds Women’s Silver Patent Foldable Flats

4.0 rating

“Bought for my son’s wedding to dance in. Definitely a must to use for dancing. They do run small for size.”

Nothing says “cute” like a cuddly, fluffy stuffed animal, which is why we’re proud to introduce our new line of rollable flats: Stuffed Animal Fit in Clouds, which feature adorable stuffed animals perched on top of our classic flat styles.Fit in Clouds- Stuffed Animal Flats


The Slithering Snakeskin: You’ll be ssssssso ssssstylish in our shiny snakeskin flats, topped with a stuffed snake. We just hope it’s a friendly garden snake!

The Black Bear BowTie: You’ll stay beary beary warm in our new Black Bear BowTie flats!

The Red Sequin Lobster: We promise this red lobster won’t pinch you with it’s claws- but unfortunately, you can’t boil it and dip it in butter either!

Ready to order?

We would like to introduce you to our newest espadrille-style rollable flats in Carribean Azul. Thank you to Debbie Liu, Ikette Gatchalian-Joson and Enslin Barnes Levasseu for helping us come up with the name of the collection and the color!

fit in clouds carribean azul espadrille

And just in case you’re jetting off on a tropical vacation, we’ve put together a list of what you should pack alongside your new Carribean Azul espadrille Fit in Clouds:

Carribean Azul Getaway

Jane Norman bandeau one piece swimsuit
$28 –


Diamond jewelry

Juicy couture

Need some inspiration for Valentine’s Day tomorrow? Be sure to hop over to our Valentine’s Day Lovin’ Pinterest board!

valentine's day

In related news, Fit in Clouds is thrilled to give a pair of rollable flats to one lucky attendee of the Change the Triangle Valentine’s Soiree. In the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina? Be sure to grab your soiree ticket for the event on Saturday, February 16. All ticket sales benefit Change the Triangle, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides young professionals with the opportunity to engage in the community through combined volunteer service projects and social events.
red sequin valentine's day

And speaking of organizations and companies who are combining fashion and social good, check out our Fashionably Charitable board on Pinterest. Know of a great organization we should include? Just leave us a comment on the blog or on Pinterest!

Every year, the American Heart Association holds National Wear Red Day, started in 2003, as part of American Heart Month to raise awareness of the fact that heart disease is the #1 killer of women.

According to the site, the national day has helped create monumental positive changes in the fight against heart disease, including:

  • 21% fewer women dying from heart disease
  • 23% more women aware that it’s their No. 1 health threat
  • Publishing of gender-specific results, established differences in symptoms and responses to medications and women-specific guidelines for prevention and treatment
  • Legislation to help end gender disparities

Although Fit in Clouds is not officially affiliated with the American Heart Association or National Wear Red Day, we support the cause and encourage you to research and participate as well.

Want to get involved? Read up on the red movement, create a fundraising page, and shop for red apparel.

national wear red day

P.S. We’re hosting a National Wear Red Day giveaway on February 1st- be sure to check out the Fit in Clouds Facebook page!

The holidays are here and that means its time for holiday parties. Heels are part of your formal party attire and we all know how long your feet will take those 4″ stilettos! So here is another reason to get a pair of the portable shoes from Fit in Clouds – free pair of foldable flip flops!

With every purchase of any of the the foldup shoes, you get a pair of the foldup flip flops! Simply add the shoes you want to your shopping cart, then add the flip flops to your cart, and during checkout, enter ‘FREEFLIPS’ in the ‘summary’ section!  Thats it! You dont even pay for shipping!! On our website, you always pay a flat rate of $3 regardless of how much you order, or where you live in the US!

Offer valid till Friday Dec 14th 2012. Please enter voucher code FREEFLIPS at checkout

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