online retailers now sell folding flats

As folding flats get more popular and become a part of every women’s wardrobe, Fit in Clouds is happy to announce new places where you can buy our amazing shoes! We have been approached by several retailers as well as “e-tailers” over the past year and have strategically reviewed which made the most sense for us. So in addition to our website, and stores across the US, we are proud to announce our partnership with some of the largest and well recognized national “e-tailers”.

Now you get the Fit in Clouds folding flats from, as well as These sites also allows customers to leave a feedback about their purchase that helps other potential buyers!





Tired with the regular one color flats, we at Fit in Clouds decided to venture out and come up with…two color flats :)gingham flats

What better than two color flat than one in checkered design! After crowd-sourcing our name for this collection from our Facebook fans, we have finally added a new foldable flat design to our collection.  Take a look and let us know what you think here!











So looks like Snakeskin designs have been all the rage this year. With everything from skirts, to purses, to boots, to desk accessories available in the snakeskin design, we thought it would be a good idea add some additional colors to our popular snakeskin design! The 5 snakeskin foldup flats on our website represent the popularity of that style! With its split sole construction, and bright and radiant texture, no wonder its been getting some excellent feedback! Here are some additional colors for the snakeskin flats:

White Snakeskin foldup flats – Elegant white snakeskin foldable flat that matches great with jeans

Black Snakeskin foldable shoes – Popular color that is not to bright and flashy, and matches great with formal skirts and pants

Black Diamond folding snakeskin flats – Perfect combination of black and white make this great for formal wear as well as party wear!

What should our next snakeskin color be? Tell us here!

So your plan to stay out in heels just did not work out last night, and after a few hours, you found yourself either walking home barefoot, or limping home in your tired feet. You realized it time to get some portable shoes, and want to read some reviews on what other smart ladies are saying. Someone might even have recommended Fit In clouds folding shoes, but you really want to see what people other than your BFF are saying about these shoes. Great idea! So here we go!

We are not going to “paste” a review here from one satisfied customer. Nor are we going to show you a video clip of a lady outside a mall saying how happy she is with the purchase. We are going to send you to a third party website, where you can read unfiltered reviews left by customers. These are not comments that have been moderated or deleted. These are as real as it gets…fresh, unfiltered, unbiased and direct from the customer so you can make an informed decision!

Black Sequin folding shoes17 reviews / 4.4 out of 5 stars and 94% of buyers say they will recommend to a friend

Silver Sequin folding shoes24 reviews / 4.2 out of 5 starts and 83% of buyers say they will recommend to a friend

Gold Sequin folding shoes5 reviews / 4 out of 5 stars and 100% of buyers say they will recommend to a friend

BowTie Black foldable flats12 reviews / 4 out of 5 stars and 83% of buyers say they will recommend to a friend

Black Patent portable flats12 reviews / 3.7 out of 5 stars and 75% of buyers say they will recommend to a friend

Black Snakeskin travel flats3 reviews / 4.7 out of 5 stars and 100% of buyers say they will recommend to friend

How about that for customer reviews? Now you have the information to make a smart decision!

Loews Hotel is well-known for it’s luxury hotels and resorts all across the country! To pamper its guests even more, Loews hotelLoews Hotels fit in clouds now offers portable shoes from Fit In Clouds! These portable shoes are an excellent gift idea for the most discerning travelers. For corporate women, who are in heels all day, these shoes will provide an excellent alternative, along with building tons of goodwill for the hotel name!

Our team worked with hotel representatives to build a custom bag with Loews logo, as well as custom tags with a welcome message. The gold print on the black bags looks amazing and makes this a practical, yet stylish corporate gift. Next time you check into Loews, look out for a little bag waiting for you! It might be the most comfortable thing after your soft pillows and 800 thread count sheets!

So you want to find out what people really saying about Fit In Clouds folding shoes? Not just what one person said because they were paid to, but rather, what are actual customers saying about the folding shoes? Well, here you have it…uncut, raw, and direct from the customer. This is not a testimony posted by us, or paid spokesperson saying how wonderful they are! See for yourself! We are proud that we can be so honest about our products!

Black sequin foldable flats reviews on Overstock – One of overstocks best selling products! Seems like its a customer fav!

Silver Sequin foldable flats reviews on Overstock – Seems like sizing was an issue for some people, but popular otherwise!

Gold Sequin foldable reviews on Overstock – Still collecting reviews!

Snakeskin travel flats on Overstock – A new addition on Overstock, but great response!

We look forward to your review once you get the Fit In Clouds folding shoes!

Fit in Clouds is happy to introduce its snakeskin foldup flats in two styles. Made with PU embosses snakeskin material, this material has a snakeskin texture, while at the same time is soft to touch. The split sole provides for rubber bottom and makes sure the there is sufficient padding between your feet and the ground. Perfect for dressing up for any occasion!

White Snakeskin foldup flats – The elegant white snakeskin foldup flats style scream elegance and comfort! Made with snakeskin design embossed PU, and accented with a cute bow, you can slip these on for any occasion!

Black Snakeskin foldup flats – The party never stops for you, and you live up to your ‘Party Animal’ name with these black snakeskin foldable shoes! Smooth and comfortable, you slide into these foldable shoes, to look your best, and keep the party going!

The sequin foldable shoe has been one of our most popular styles. A lot of people have been asking for this style in other colors. So now we are happy to report that the sequin foldable shoes are available in 3 colors!

  • The black sequin foldup shoe has a great classy look, and goes great with all formal dresses and looks great with jeans. The black sequin discs give you just the right amount of sparkle!
  • The silver sequin foldup ballet flat has a bright and vibrant sparkle to it. The silver shaped beads give this foldup ballet flat a super sleep look.
  • The gold sequin foldup ballet flats is our newest addition! They are great to add a little color to your wardrobe!

All the sequin foldable shoes come with a thick durable sole. They provide excellent cushioning to your feet, and are perfect for outdoor wear! As we like to say here, you might love these sequin shoes so much, that may might become part of your regular flat collection, rather than a spare foldable flat!


Its been a while since we have done a blog post! After a super busy season forFit In Clouds folding shoes Fit In Clouds folding shoes, we are finally catching our breath! Our exposure was helped by the various media publications we were featured in worldwide. From our feature in the gift section of the Italian newspaper, to the feature in holiday gift section of Elle Magazine, ladies all around the world were trying out Fit In Clouds folding shoes this holiday season! Looks like a lot of happy feet!

With the busy season behind us, watch out for new folding shoes styles and designs coming out soon!


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Over the years, we have received a number of email from customers asking about portable shoes in size 11. Unfortunately, until now, we only offered them in upto size 10. Not any more!

We are proud to say that now all our styles are available in size that fits US womens size 10.5 to 11.5. Some even go upto a size 13! We started offering the basic black portable shoe in this size a while ago, and we were so overwhelmed with emails asking for this size in other styles, that we have now started offering all the foldable shoes in size 11!

Everyone deserves to walk in comfortable shoes!

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