At Fit In Clouds, we are committed to keeping our style fresh. Any more fresh, and you might have to slap us :-)

A few months back, in anticipation of an early spring, we had added our bright colored neon folding flats collection. This month, we are introducing our crinkly patent leather foldup flats in two colors – black and silver. These flats come embellished with round studs in the toe area. In addition, these are the first in our line of flats that come with extra insole padding that are meant to make these flats super comfortable! With a durable stitched split sole, and a cute little bag to carry these around – its a complete package! All for only $31.95. These flats look formal enough to serve as part of your work attire, as well as trendy enough to go with your evening outfit.


Katie-black studs foldup flats

Wondering how would these flats look with your summer dress? Well, Katie from Style Diary might help you out. She styled the black studded foldup flats with her summer dress.

Silver folding shoes model2Alina from Style by Alina paired the silver studs folding shoes with a burgundy slit maxi skirt and white crop top. She has some amazing shots in this outfit!

How would you style these? Take a look at our entire collection of foldup flats here.

If you are a NetFlix craze like us, you are most probably already wrapped up in the second season of “Orange is the new black”. Infact, according to NetFlix, this show, which skews more towards younger female is even more popular than House of Cards. So whether you binged on the entire season over the weekend, or took it down slow and steady over the course of a couple months you can read about some heart breaking moments here. Spoiler alert!

So why are we talking about NetFlix and Orange is the new black? Because in addition to being an addictive show, we have Meghan Fruehauf styling our Tangerine Neon folding shoes for her walk in the park. Matched perfectly with her blue top, the orange folding shoes give the right pop of color! Her post came out right while I was in the midst of the above mentioned Netflix show, and could not help thinking – Orange is the new black!

Tangerine flats Folding flats - Meghan Fruehauf

Tangeine Neon folding flats - Meghan Fruehauf

Fit in clouds foldable flats –

Neon hues are officially haute! Whether its a dress for the summer, or your workout clothes, or your accessories, or your shoes…electric neon makes it chic! Keeping up with the trend, we are happy to announce our neon collection of folding flats. Available in tangerine, citron and lime – the neon folding flats are sure to add more than a pop of color to your wardrobe!

Style them with your regular outfit, as here here by Annelise from the Aunie Sauce. She wore the neon citron with her jeans and leopard print top.  Although the neon’s inject a cool vibe and provide instant glam to various ensembles, you need to watch how you style it! For example, don’t do green with purple and of course, avoid doing all neon! Similarly,



If you are going to wear neon, feel energetic and bright and happy. The attitude needs to match your clothes. As they say, the most important accessory with any clothing is your confidence and smile! Check out the the neon folding flats from Fit In Clouds and let us know what you think below!



We first introduced the retro foldable flats in July 2013 in the tan and white color. Since then, this style have become a top seller on our site, and have picked up some pretty amazing reviews on Overstock. You can read the reviews for tan retro folding shoes and the white retro folding shoes on Overstock.

These flats have also been a blogger favorite and have been reviewed by several of them. Here is Emily from A Devine life wearing the white retro and Jessica from Jeans and a Teacup styling the Tan retro flats. So with all these rave reviews, it was only a matter of time before we experimented with more colors for this style! So today we are adding the red retro foldable flats! Every bit as comfortable and stylish like our other flats, the red flats are perfect to give your outfit a pop of color!


Red Retro foldable flats

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