Today we feature some pictures sent to us by one of our very loyal customers. Dani was on a road trip and one of her travel essentials were her Fit In Clouds gold sequin foldup flats. She says she has almost every Fit In Clouds style flat with her, but often takes her sequin flats for extended wear, such as this road trip. Infact, the sequin flats do have cushioned insole and durable stitched split sole which provide added support while walking. These flats will not wear out! These are as good (or shall we say better) than many regular flats! Dani always keeps a pair of the flats in her glove compartment. This way, she never has to drive in heels (or worse barefoot) and always has them close at hand!



By the way, did you know that gold sequin discs has been used for decorative purposes on clothing in the Indus Valley since 2,500 BC? Looks like civilizations after that have really grabbed onto that concept, and now we put those decorative discs on equin dress, sequin purses, sequin watches, and ofcourse….sequin foldup flats!

In case the title got you wondering, the “sauce” is our favorite blogger Annelise. Her blog is called “sauce”. You can see for your self here!

Annelise has a healthy collection of Fit In clouds flats and sports them from time to time on her blog. Here are a few posts she did on the black diamond snakeskin folding flats. We love her colorful scarf and jacket! Very out-doorsy!

Snakeskin folding flats

Snakeskin folding flats

It has happened again! Fit In Clouds are back to being the MOST POPULAR flats on Overstock. We are talking #1 in 2,231 flats for sale on Overstock! Now that is something to brag about!

How can we forget you, our customers, for getting us there! So thank you, thank you, thank you! If you want to drop your name in the hat to win a free pair of flats, head over to Facebook, where we are holding a raffle for one random winner to win a free pair!

Satin folding shoes

While you there, take a look at our customer reviews. That should explain how we got to the top selling flats on Overstock!

Annelise AKA Aunie manages a blog, which is called The Sauce. It covers everything from Fashion to food to fitness. Should be say…the sauce the complements our daily life, or is that too cheesy? :)

Her blog has been a big fan of our folding flats – you might have seen this post from her on deciding between heels vs flats. Lately, she has styled the Fit in Clouds with our two popular folding flats – Black Diamond Snakeskin and Black Sequin. Thanks for the love Annelise! You can check out her posts by clicking on the images below!

Folding flats



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Chelsea over at Olive & Ivy feels she is a little behind the trend, since she is just not styling her chambray shirt. Chambray shirts actually have been a staple in fashion industry for a very very long time and the trend was a little stronger this year than in the past. Don’t worry Chelsea – you might be a bit late, but you did style them right with the blue striped dress and tan retro folding shoes!

Did you know that Chambray was manufactured in France, as a soft, mostly cotton fabric and its name was derived from from the France region Cambria where it was first made? Ofcourse, this has been adapted over the years, and now many manufacturers make chambray shirts with a touch of spandex so that they fit and feel better. Although most people associate chambray with varying shades of the color blue, it also comes in other colors and is much lighter than its cousin denim, with which it is often confused with! They have quite a trend this year with all major retailers displaying it front and center!

Chambray and striped dress


Take a look at how Rachel styled her black checkmates folding flats from Fit In Clouds with her white dress and denim jacket in her lookbook! Oh, and how cute is her side kick Emma? Looks like the perfect companion for Rachel and is extremely obedient to gracefully appear in this photo shoot!

 Rachel's side kick

Now if only we could have men that are so adorable and obedient :)


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Its the age old question every woman struggles with…some more than the others! Ofcourse those gorgeous heels match that dress you bought for the party perfectly, but fast forward a few hours into the party and the smile on your face quickly disappears. Factor in the walk from the car, walk at the party, dancing, drinking and suddenly the fancy heels do not seem the best idea. Unless, ofcourse you have a back up plan! Annelise Rowe from Aunie Sauce shows us how this issue can be solved with portable flats from Fit In Clouds.



With heels matching her beautiful dress, she plans ahead and throws in a pair of the comfy Bowtie black foldable flats in her purse. Ready to give her feet a break from the heels, she swaps out her heels for a pair of comfortable flats!

The Brunette One Fit in Clouds

We love browsing the sparkly pink blog of The Brunette One- also known as Samanatha, a 24 year old Des Moines working girl who says she has “an obsession for all things glittery & fabulous” and loves “classic, chic, & affordable pieces for the fashionista on a budget.”

Hm…glittery, fabulous, classic, chic, and affordable? Sounds like a list of qualities we at Fit in Clouds can relate to!

We were tickled pink (pun intended!) when Samantha agreed to test-drive a pair of our Black Retro Fit in Clouds and review them on her blog. For more on how she paired the shoes, where she got the other items in her outfit, and where she wore the shoes, visit her blog:

The Brunette One // My Style: Fit in Clouds Flats

So your plan to stay out in heels just did not work out last night, and after a few hours, you found yourself either walking home barefoot, or limping home in your tired feet. You realized it time to get some portable shoes, and want to read some reviews on what other smart ladies are saying. Someone might even have recommended Fit In clouds folding shoes, but you really want to see what people other than your BFF are saying about these shoes. Great idea! So here we go!

We are not going to “paste” a review here from one satisfied customer. Nor are we going to show you a video clip of a lady outside a mall saying how happy she is with the purchase. We are going to send you to a third party website, where you can read unfiltered reviews left by customers. These are not comments that have been moderated or deleted. These are as real as it gets…fresh, unfiltered, unbiased and direct from the customer so you can make an informed decision!

Black Sequin folding shoes17 reviews / 4.4 out of 5 stars and 94% of buyers say they will recommend to a friend

Silver Sequin folding shoes24 reviews / 4.2 out of 5 starts and 83% of buyers say they will recommend to a friend

Gold Sequin folding shoes5 reviews / 4 out of 5 stars and 100% of buyers say they will recommend to a friend

BowTie Black foldable flats12 reviews / 4 out of 5 stars and 83% of buyers say they will recommend to a friend

Black Patent portable flats12 reviews / 3.7 out of 5 stars and 75% of buyers say they will recommend to a friend

Black Snakeskin travel flats3 reviews / 4.7 out of 5 stars and 100% of buyers say they will recommend to friend

How about that for customer reviews? Now you have the information to make a smart decision!

We are proud to say that Fit In Clouds has been a part of many many weddings. You could call us the wedding crashers, or party makers, whatever you like! The fact is, these foldable shoes make great bridesmaid gifts, and are great to take to weddings – where the heels come off before even the cake is cut!

At one wedding recently, a customer sent us some pictures snapped by her. It’s clear why she took the photos. She had her pair of Fit In Clouds foldable flats with her. So when the time came, and all her friends walked around barefoot (yes, even into the restroom), our friend Jen was the only cool one with her when she whipped out these flats from her purse!

“Your foldable shoes saved my feet! I cannot start to tell you how much I love your shoes now. Why did not I think of this before!” – Jen K

Well, Jen, thanks to you, we had some of your friends call us today to place orders! Smart thinking by Stacy getting a bunch for her bridesmaids! We told them we will be putting pictures on our blog (with permission from Jen of course!). Party up ladies, we got your..feet.

foldable flats

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