One of the most important accessories that you will have in your wardrobe are shoes. In fact, most people that you meet will glance at your feet and if they like your trotters, chances are, they will like the rest of you! Women know how to pull it off perfectly with shoes. Just look at how much space retail stores dedicate to women’s clothing vs men’s clothing!

Accessorize correctly

Referred to as party shoes, due to their portable design and flashy look, the sequin shoes are made for women that are ready to stand out. It is perfect for women that know what her feet needs and are not afraid to invest in a good pair of comfortable designer shoes! To make the look complete, you can consider going for other accessories.

Start with the other smaller accessories like the earrings, a brooch, hairstyle and so on. In fashion, the little things matter a lot. There are more fashion accessories than can you imagine, however, it all starts with a pair of good stylish shoes! If you invest in a good pair of shoes, then most likely, you will just need one more accessory like a watch to pull off the great look.


Find your style with the sequin shoes! 

Sequin shoes are offered by several brand names, each representing their taste. Consider the style, the color, the occasion and other factors that will make these sequin flats special for you! The silver sequin flats from Fit In Clouds are portable and easy to style with most outfits in your wardrobe and they will make you stand out from the crowd.


You know the holidays are around the corner when the air gets crisper and days get shorter. The crisp air slowly turns into a cold wave and you find yourself layering on additional layers to keep warm! Flip flops get replaced by flats which eventually get replaced by boots! Speaking of flats, here is an amazing shot of three ladies out and about in the city sporting their Fit In Clouds flats!



The gold satin and pink jacket are a perfect match! Also being styled are the espadrille checkmates and black satin!

Wearing sequin can be tricky. The little sparkle in your dress might be a little too much for others. However, if done right, sequin adds the glam-chic look and can make any outfit pop! Wear it with confidence, and it comes out even better! We suggest having a brighter color sequin for the shoes, that loses a shade as it moves up. Also, be careful as you mix sequin colors – keep it to the same tone.


Ofcourse, with your fabulous sequin heels, don’t forget to plan ahead and take these sequin foldup ballet flats in your purse!

Gold Sequin flats

Go ahead, rock your sequin! Now you are ready for the main event and the after party!

Top | Shorts | Earrings | Necklace | Sunglasses | Bag | Swimsuit | Flats

Summer style is all about being comfortable and staying cool in the hot sun, but that doesn’t mean giving up great style. I love flowy breezy tops for staying fresh in the heat, and pairing it with some nautical accessories just brings the whole look together. A big raffia bag is great for storing all my daily necessities and there is enough room to store an extra swim suit and sun block, since you never know where the summer days will take you.

Lynnette Quintana

Lynnette Hernandez is a fashion and beauty blogger at Style Maeve, where she blogs some of her favorite finds, outfits inspiration, and showcases some of her own style in her “In the Details” series. You can connect with Lynnette on Twitter (, Facebook, and Instagram.

Who doesn’t adore the cute, spunky, southern Reese? She stole our hearts in Sweet Home Alabama, This Means War, and of course, Legally Blonde. We’re pretty sure we’ve never seen her look less than perfect, but we can’t hold it against her because she seems so sweet! If you’re looking to steal her look- often completed with a pair of flats- look no further.

Steal Reese's Style

Get the look

A casual grey boat neck dress // black bowtie Fit in Clouds rollable flats // a thin black headband // a black and gold belt // Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses // a black and camel purse with chic zippers

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Who’s ready for the first official day of summer? Maybe you’ll be lounging by your newly-opened pool, cruising on a boat (we’re jealous!), or BBQing with friends. No matter what you decide to do, celebrate the three day weekend in style with a little fashion inspiration from your friends here at Fit in Clouds.

Memorial Day Style

Memorial Day style ideas:

Big H&M sunglasses // a white and turquoise beach tote // pink lipgloss // gold Jack Rogers sandals // teal Chanel nail polish // copper rollable flats // herringbone linen pants // an orange lantern strapless dress // a multi-colored bikini // a sheer ombre blouse // a pink cotton linen skirt

By the way, we are absolutely loving Koko Stanley’s adorable Memorial Day outfit inspiration. It may be from 2012, but we think it’s still perfect:

memorial day outfit

chambray style

Shirt, Phone Case, Dress, Flats, Skirt, Hair Bow, Scarf

Chambray has cemented itself as a spring staple that is here to stay. From shirts and skirts to scarves and shoes, chambray is being used in clothing and accessories alike. If you’re hesitant to try this trend, start with something small like a hair bow or flats before sporting a shirt or dress.

kenzie cave girlToday’s guest post comes from Kenzie, a recent grad living in Boston. Day to day she lives and breathes the world of strategic communications, but in her spare time Kenzie enjoys learning new things in the kitchen, trying her hand at Pinterest DIYs and pursuing the perfect pair of jeans. She likes new places, great fiction, kick-ass boots, inspirational quotes and a good cup of coffee. Her worst fear in life? Wasting a great outfit on a boring day. Learn more about this self proclaimed Bostonista on her blog Cave Girl in the City.

casual saturday outfit

Saturday is my favorite day of the week. I finally have some “me time” and can spend the day however I want. I usually do a bit of shopping, grab lunch with friends, and run some errands before settling down to relax. Comfortable flats are clearly a necessity for a casual Saturday – and this gold pair from Fit in Clouds are the perfect addition to this casual look!

olivia go for the glam

Olivia is a recent college graduate from the Midwest who is currently working in Digital Marketing. Go for the Glam is her little creative corner where she focuses on personal style and anything and everything that inspires her. Olivia loves cataloging the pretty things that she finds online and sharing them with her readers!

Wedding season is officially in full swing, and with wedding season, comes wedding shower season. Wedding showers are some of my favorite parties to attend; everyone is happy, there are amazing finger foods (hello cucumber sammies!), and who doesn’t love a good sparkling punch?

Ironically, with wedding season comes the rainy season. Those unexpected late afternoon showers can really put a damper on lovely outdoor garden parties…and those pumps you bought especially for your shower-stunner frock. Your toes sink into the ground, and you end up aerating the ground with your heels (instead of the landscaper). Keep a pair of Fit in Clouds in your clutch for a quick fix. Toss your heels under a table, slip on some comfy flats, and continue mingling with the bride and her maids. You’ll be prepared for anything!

MODCLOTH floral reflections dress / KATE SPADE gerbera garden studs / FIT IN THE CLOUDS silver patent flats / MAR Y SOL opal clutch / DIANE von FURSTENBERG vada heels

nicole melvin probably polka dots

Today’s post comes from Nicole of Probably Polka Dots. Nicole is a blogger, writer and maven of all things Atlanta, most things style, and some things DIY. She’s a middle school teacher by day, and a blog reader, writer, and general aficionado by night. She loves polka dots and all things Southern – especially monograms & sweet tea.

Although most nights after work you might prefer to head home, eat dinner and relax in front of the TV in your sweats, there are probably the occasional after-work events that you and your friends plan, like happy hour. The trick here is seamlessly transitioning your outfit from one extreme to the other: from work to happy hour.

work to happy hour

First, we start off with a colorful, basic dress like this green one. Adding a structured blazer, classic pearl earrings and patent black heels abide by the typical office dress code and offer a professional look. For drinks with friends after work, add on a fun statement necklace, a few extra coats of mascara and slip off the painful heels and slip into the super comfortable Fit in Clouds black bow tie flats. Since they easily fold up, you can slip them into your cute floral purse when not in use!

Rachel of Life Unsweetened

Today’s guest post comes from Rachel of Life Unsweetened, which is best described as a life and style blog- without the sugar coating. Rachel is a 20-something from New York who is a SEO Copywriter and freelance writer by day.You could also call her a social media nerd, non-crazy cat lady, chocoholic and sarcastic fireball (yes, people have referred to her as that before).

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