So continuing with our previous post on best bars on flights, today we are looking at best bars on cruise ships! You can see how much we love travel (and drinks!). Why not?After all, we offer the perfect shoes for travel whether you are on airplane or a ship – portable and compact, these shoe fit in your handbag or purse for an easy switch-out from the heels!

Bars on cruise ships are a money maker for the cruise line. Infact, many cruise lines sell the cabin at or below cost in the hopes that you will spend enough money on booze on the cruise to make up for the difference. So what are the best bars to make your cruise that much more enjoyable? We have compiled a list of our best 3 choices:

Ice bar on the Norwegian : After a long day in the hot Caribbean sun, this Ice Bar will do wonders for your overheated body. Inspired by the original ice hotels in Scandinavia, The SVEDKA Ice Bar is one of only 14 in the world and the only true ice bar at sea.

Martini bars on the Celebrity : Watch the bartenders here perform feats with liquor bottles while preparing as many as eight different martini orders at a time. That’s beverage entertainment served alongside your order of martini! All this on a totally cool, ice-topped bar!  

Skyline bar on Disney : The family-focused Mouse comes to your rescue after a day with the kids! In Dream’s Skyline Line, you feel like you’re perched atop a high-rise in a penthouse bar. Skyline has hi-def “virtual windows” showcasing Hong Kong one evening, Paris the next. You will feel as though you have been been transported to the heart of world’s most fascinating cities as you savor a virtually breathtaking viewpoint.

So what’s your favorite bar on a cruise ship?


If there is one thing that makes air travel more bearable is drinks service. Its almost bliss time when the cart rolls out and you order your gin & tonic. Like a puppy, you wait for the steward or stewardess to hand you over your drink, and as you take it in sip by sip, the people around you seem to disappear and you slide into your own heaven as you literally fly through the clouds. Rarely is one just sufficient, so you are proactive and flag them down for another while you are half through the first one. Sounds familiar?

Well, to make your flight even more comfortable, some aircraft’s flying international routes now have a bar! Yes, that is right! A airplane with a freaking bar on board where you can go up and order your drink and maybe even risk the chance where a gentleman will buy you a round. So who are these dream come true airlines? Here is a list of our top 4 Airplanes with bars on board:

Virgin Atlantic : Available in ‘Upper Class’, which is equivalent to a business class seat, this futuristic bar can accommodate up to eight passengers. You can sit down with other passengers to discuss the latest faux pas from Lindsay Lohan or the recent stock investment advice you received from your broker

Air France : The La Premiere or the first class offers a bar for up to three passengers at a given time. It features lighting resembling constellations of stars and provides the perfect place to have a bite to eat and converse without disturbing the tranquility of the cabin. Suddenly the discussion of the French president’s affair with Julie Gayet seems a lot more fascinating! 

Emirates : The First class and business class has a lounge consists of a U-shaped stand-up bar. To sit and relax, there are two sofas and a 42-inch LCD screen where you get a view of the world from your position at that very time! Located on the upper deck, the two lounges offer a place for you to sample hors d’oeuvres. You can enlighten your partner about the Burj Khalifa.

Korean Air : The “Celestial Bar”, is a self service bar, for a convenient relaxation space for first and prestige class passengers. The chic interior design, exquisite lighting and impressive sky lounge provide the perfect atmosphere. 

airplane with bar


Ofourse, all these extra amenities come with a price tag! So next time you book your travel on board one of these airlines, keep in mind where you would want to be when sipping on your liquid bliss! For walking around the cabin, kick off your heels, and pack a pair of these portable flats from Fit In Clouds in your carry bag. Now you are walking and sipping in style!

Can you really complete a business trip with just 3 pairs of shoes?! We say Yes! With all the airline regulations on carry-on and checked in bags, we have all become judicious packers. Since shoes take up the most space, any space saved on shoes can be used to pack other accessories. Let’s face it – we women need a lot more “stuff” than men do!

So which three shoes to pack? Here is our suggestion:

Heels : The essential of every business trip! Pack a pair of black heels that will match most formal dresses. How high are upto you!
Sneakers : Stay fit and active by bringing along a pair of running shoes and using the hotel gym. In most cases, you just have to go down a couple of floors, so there should be no excuse!
Flats : Versatile flats from Fit In Clouds allows you to slip into some thing comfortable after wearing the heels all day. Comfortable and trendy, these are perfect for after-work events or travel when heels just will not work! 



Using a shoe bag to pack these shoes it a great way to make sure they don’t mess up any other items in your suitcase! Safe travels!

There’s no place like home! Dorothy enchanted us back in the day with her ruby red slippers, but who says we can’t rock them too? We love the Parisian look, especially with those romantic pops of red.How to Wear Red Shoes- Paris Style
Rocking red sequined shoes with a flirty striped sweater certainly screams “city of love”, especially when paired with a romantic cream colored beret. Layer a chic trench over everything to keep yourself nice and warm as well as a red scarf and you’re all set to ride off into the Parisian sunset on the back of a Vespa. ( A girl can dream, right?) With the right style, you will fit right in with this beautiful city! 

That did sound a bit strange to us when we heard it first, but it all made sense when Lindsay wrote about them in her blog Pursuit of Pink! She planned a trip to NYC with her adorable baby and realized that she would soon get tired of walking around in her fancy shoes. Planning ahead, she threw her foldable Fit In Clouds flats in her baby’s diaper bag and when the baby needed a change, she was ready for her own change!

folding flats


We know our folding shoes are cute, but wait till you see her adorable baby!!


fit in clouds weekly roundup travel edition

Every Friday, we feature a weekly roundup of interesting articles, posts, DIY tutorials, and more from across the web. This week, we’re featuring some helpful travel tips from portable beauty items to packing tips.

Who knew a camera bag could be so multi-functional? This travel must can be handy and fashionable at the same time!

Traveling with makeup doesn’t have to be a fuss. Pack only these essentials to keep your travel makeup bag small and basic. A little goes a long way!

This Spring 2013 packing list is borderline genius and makes a world of difference when deciding what to bring on vacation. If you’re notorious for over-packing, this is complete game changer!

Airport food is expensive! Luckily for you (and your wallet), packing your own food is a great alternative. Here is some inspiration for what snacks you should bring along on your excursion.

A little DIY coming at ya! These printable, customizable luggage tags are super easy to make and are oh so cute (and practical!)

Want to make traveling a little easier? There’s always an app for that.

If you’re a light packer or just taking off for a weekend, here are some great carry-on packing tips!

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing luggage. A lot more than you may think. Have no fear! Here are 6 things to look for when you’re in the market for a suitcase.


Celebrity Airport Style

Our favorite female celebrities always manage to look effortlessly chic while flying. Popular looks include boots or flats, comfy t-shirts, scarves for fighting the blast of airplane AC, and of course sunglasses for facing the glaring LA sun- and paparazzi flashes- once they land.

How do you stay celebrity-chic while flying?

Fit In Clouds Guest Post

Working in sales means constantly traveling. In the beginning I was always forgetting my essentials and leaving something at home. Now, two years later, I’ve mastered the art of packing a carry on bag or tote if I’m hitting the road. The Lo & Sons bag is hands down the best investment work piece that I’ve made so far. It holds just about everything (and more) and even has a small bottom pocket for flats. Whether I’m racing for a flight or booking it across town, the Fit in Clouds folding flats are a lifesaver. They easily fit into small bags and even a clutch for evenings when I’m ready to kick the heels off.

A few of my other favorite travel items? An iPad for loading books and magazines on, Kind Bars for my snacking habit and an eye mask and scarf for longer flights.

ashley teale of turquoise and teale

Ashley is a lifestyle blogger over at Turquoise & Teale who bounces back and forth between Atlanta, GA and St. Louis, MO. Turquoise & Teale shares new recipes, shopping finds and follows life’s many adventures. Like any true southern girl she loves magnolia flowers, sweet tea and never met a monogram she didn’t like. 

Fashion week may be over but Paris is never out of style.  Look the part while visiting the City of Light without ever sacrificing your comfort.  Prevent blisters and achy feet with stylist Fit in Clouds flats.  Zoom around the city on the Métro with a carnet de billets {10 pack of tickets} and be sure to study the map before you get there.  Wander through the streets of St Germain de Près where you will find the most luxurious arrondissement of Paris with the least amount of tourists.  Be sure to do some shopping at Le Bon Marché, have a Croque Monsieur at Café de Flore and treat yourself to the famous macaroons at Ladurée.  Bonnes Vacances!

lauren of elle lush


Today’s guest contributor is Lauren of Elle Lush, one of our favorite girly and fun fashion and lifestyle blogs. Elle Lush is “inspired by beautiful places, all of the positive things in life & making each day more special than the next…” We especially love Lauren’s adorable style boards, like Spring Break Essentials, Destination: Dallas, and Rainy Day Blues.


We would like to introduce you to our newest espadrille-style rollable flats in Carribean Azul. Thank you to Debbie Liu, Ikette Gatchalian-Joson and Enslin Barnes Levasseu for helping us come up with the name of the collection and the color!

fit in clouds carribean azul espadrille

And just in case you’re jetting off on a tropical vacation, we’ve put together a list of what you should pack alongside your new Carribean Azul espadrille Fit in Clouds:

Carribean Azul Getaway

Jane Norman bandeau one piece swimsuit
$28 –


Diamond jewelry

Juicy couture

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