Nothing says “Happy Independence Day” like getting patriotic and wearing the colors of our great nation. We know this can get tacky, fast. Here are some tips on how to rock the red white and blue while looking all kinds of cute!4th of July Style 

A striped tee is a classic, casual piece that transitions easily into any season. Make sure to wear a white one with thin blue stripes to keep the whole “American flag look” a little more demure. Bold shorts are totally in for the summer! Pair your striped tee with a pair of red ones for a fun, patriotic look. If you’re feeling a little bold, add a blue and red scarf in an unexpected pattern. Who knew stripes and polka dots looked so cute together? (Fashion tip: mixing prints is totally allowed as long as they’re in the same color scheme!)
If you’re going for a girlier look, pair a plain navy blue dress in a flirty silhouette with some sassy red sequined flats. Top everything off with some classic red rail polish, throw some sunscreen in your blue and white striped tote and you’re all set for a day of fun in the sun!
Happy Independence day!

Great blog post on Fit In Clouds foldup shoes today from A Daily Dose of Toni! See for yourself!

Put an end to ending the evening barefoot!




Dealing with high heel pain? Great post from 000-lala on our

foldable flats! Take a look for your self!

Portable Ballet Flats: Fit In Clouds.

You know..what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but we felt this is one news that needs to travel outside of Vegas! Hyde Lounge in Bellagio is the latest hotspot in Vegas, and had a grand opening Dec 31st 2011. The launch included celebs like Sofia Vergara and Lauren Conrad. With the late night partying, celebs, and champagne, you know what else needed to be there!

That is right, Fit In Clouds are now available at the Hyde Lounge gift shop. Complete with custom box, packaging, these little folding shoes will let you party all night, hang out with the celebs, and still leave the lounge in style. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…but your shoes might have a different story to tell.

It began one day in August when Fit in Clouds folding shoes got an email from Groupon co-founder Raj. What initially seemed too good to be true turned out to be real! Groupon was in the process of launching a new nationwide platform and was considering our product to be a part of this exciting launch. Raj had seen a similar product in UK do exceptionally well with Groupon and he was confident it would be a new and interesting product for the US market as well. Without giving too many details about this new and secretive launch, Raj explained the purpose of this platform and then handed the discussion over to Aaron, the national sales director for Groupon. After a round of negotiations and agreements, a feature date and offer was set. The offer enabled customers the purchase any two pairs of Fit In Clouds folding shoes for $25, including shipping!! What an amazing offer!

What is Groupon Goods, and what does it offer? According to Groupon:

“Groupon Goods features really good deals on great products. To get airspace on Groupon Goods, a product has to be cool enough to share and innovative enough to inspire. It also must be made of reliably bonded molecules and stardust.

Honestly, if we think a product is remarkable and we can offer a good deal on it, we’ll do so”

Fit In Clouds was featured on Groupon Goods on Oct5th. It was a nationwide feature, meaning millions of people receiving this exclusive offer in their inbox. Even with the additional work we did with our hosting service to prepare for the launch, our website quickly became overloaded with heavy customer traffic, and for the first time we experienced the “good problem to have” for a website – one hour intermittent downtime during that morning due to heavy traffic. There were more than half a million hits to our site within an hour and by late afternoon it reached well over a million! To help stabilize the website, we worked with GoDaddy to add extra capacity in the afternoon hours. More interestingly, our limit of  2,000 vouchers was reached by 9pm ET, almost 9 hours from when the first email started reaching customer mailboxes! And it didn’t stop there…even with the offer getting sold out that night, we continued getting overwhelming traffic to our website during the next two days!

Needless to say, we are extremely impressed by the power of Groupon, as well as by the professionalism displayed by Raj, Aaron, Patrick and their team. One thing is certain – this team knew the potential of their vision and they were are on to an amazing something! In understanding the shifts occurring in the advertising marketplace, Groupon is always cited as a prime reason and now our company personally knows why! There is no other medium we could have used to reach this broad an audience with no upfront fees, completely risk free.

We welcome our new customers and are working endlessly to make sure your orders are shipped out on time and accurately. Items currently out of stock are in the process of being re-stocked. A big thank you to Groupon and to Raj, Aaron and Patrick from Fit In Clouds and best wishes to Groupon Goods. Your best days are yet to come!

Have you been to a formal event and noticed all the women in their heels? How about a horse racing event? Ever wonder how the women would manage in their heels after a few hours? The hats might be part of the attire, and might even be useful, but high heels…what practical purpose could that serve?

Well, the organizers of Dubai World Cup realized this and got Fit In Clouds portable shoes for their celebrity guests! The Dubai World cup was held on March 26th in Dubai, and Fit In Clouds was part of the event! We worked with the event sponsors to provide foldable shoes, customized with event logo’s, to be given to guests for use during and after the event. And this is not just any race! The race is sponsored by Emirates Airlines and is worth US$ 6 Million, making it the richest horse race in the world.

The Latin Grammy awards were held in Vegas on Nov 11th. It would have come and gone unnoticed by Fit In Clouds, if it not been for 7up. A month before the awards, we got a call from 7up, who was sponsoring the official after party at the Latin Grammy Awards. They wanted to provide their 2,000 celebrity guests at the official Latin Grammy after party with Fit In Clouds foldable shoes! Hhmmm…..great idea…we must say!!

So Fit In Clouds got working with 7up, and provided them with shoes, and custom bags with 7up logo! We also worked with them to have custom tags that said Fit In Clouds on one side, and Compliments of 7up on the other side. We got all this lined up and delivered in Vegas within 4 weeks!

Another reason to be proud to be part of the Fit In Clouds team and why Fit In Clouds is the perfect after party shoes! We partied down with 7up!

So the question is, who liked the shoes more, Shakira or JLo!

When we first started offering our portable shoes in the market, we offeredthem in only upto sizes 10. We figured, that will serve 90% of the market, and based on what the response is, we might offer them in size 11 as well. The response was loud and clear!

We got numerous numerous emails from customers asking why dont we have a size 11. So here we go ladies! The back in black portable shoes are now available in size 11 (size XXL). We believe everyone deserves to have a comfortable fashion solution to hurting heels, and are proud to be part of a women’s attire!

You have heard of Sex In the City, but have you heard of ‘Sexy Heels in the City’? Well, then read on, and you will be as amazed as me to find out what it is!

According to The Telegraph, Sexy Heels in the City is a 6 week class offered to 16 year old’s to help them prepare for the ‘business world and their social lives’. Since heels are an integral part of the business and social life, the class teaches them how to walk in heels! A spokeswoman for South Thames College said the course – which was run as an extra-curricular activity – aimed to teach women “how to walk in high heels, improve their posture, walk lighter and improve confidence”.

I wish they had ‘Walking in heels’ for me to enroll into when I was in school. It certainly would be lot more interesting than learning about linear equations! Its obvious which one comes handy today!

No, we are not talking about wearing comfortable shoes, or reducing the length of your heel. How about getting a trademarked ‘CinderellaProcedure’ that makes your feet narrower so that you can better fit into those heels. Or how about the ‘Perfect 10′ that invisible trims the toes that hangs over the end of the sandals. Yes, you are reading it correct! As reported in the Wall Street Journal, surgeons across the country are now providing ‘Foot face lift surgery’ to help women feel better about their feet and also get into those heels with more comfort!

This trend is not just limited to major fashion meccas of New York and LA. Podiatrist Michael Nirenberg in Crown Point, Indiana reports a strong customer base made up of young women that come in wanting surgery because they want to look their best! “Our business is booming” says Oliver Zong, a podiatrist in New York city.

However, this surgery is not without its risks. There are 26 major bones and 30 joints along with a complex network of nerves and tendons in the feet, which can lead to a lot of complications if things go wrong.

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