No, we are not talking about wearing comfortable shoes, or reducing the length of your heel. How about getting a trademarked ‘CinderellaProcedure’ that makes your feet narrower so that you can better fit into those heels. Or how about the ‘Perfect 10′ that invisible trims the toes that hangs over the end of the sandals. Yes, you are reading it correct! As reported in the Wall Street Journal, surgeons across the country are now providing ‘Foot face lift surgery’ to help women feel better about their feet and also get into those heels with more comfort!

This trend is not just limited to major fashion meccas of New York and LA. Podiatrist Michael Nirenberg in Crown Point, Indiana reports a strong customer base made up of young women that come in wanting surgery because they want to look their best! “Our business is booming” says Oliver Zong, a podiatrist in New York city.

However, this surgery is not without its risks. There are 26 major bones and 30 joints along with a complex network of nerves and tendons in the feet, which can lead to a lot of complications if things go wrong.

Are you tired of walking barefoot in your heels after night of partying? Have youFoldable shoes left wedding with your heels in hand? We have all been there! As much as you love those stilettos when you are getting ready, you hate them at the end of the night when the only thought in your mind is getting out of those heels!

As much as heels try to be ‘comfy’, there is nothing that comes close to the pleasure of actually taking them off! The only problem is, walking barefoot is not an options. So now, with Fit In Clouds shoes, you have a solution close to hand! These portable shoe fold and fit into a small pouch that you can carry with your at all time. They fit in a tiny purse or a handbag. Keep them in glove compartment. Store an emergency pair in your drawer at work. When you heels start hurting, you have a fashionable solution close to hand! With these portable shoes, you will never have to worry about leaving the house in heels! You know that no matter what, your feet are going to be comfortable!

Click here to view all the styles!

With the long weekend around the corner, everyone is preparing for the cookout, or the trip to the beach! It is personally one of my favorite holidays, as I get to enjoy the amazing fireworks! In spirit of the long independence day weekend, here are some fun-facts that you can throw out while enjoying the juicy steak coming right off the grill!

150M – Estimate of the number of hot dogs consumed on this day, thats roughly 1 hot dog for every two US resident.

1941 – Year when 4th of July was declared as a national holiday.

July 8th, 1776 – Independence day first celebrated in Philadelphia.

$128.8 million – The value of July 4th fireworks imported from China!

125,000 – Number of U.S. flags flown over the U.S. Capitol last year at the request of House and Senate members

32.5 million – The number of foreign-born residents in the United States in 2002

30 – Number of places nationwide with “liberty” in their name. The most populous one is Liberty,Missouri (26,232).

Blue Foldable shoesSince customers have always appreciated an honest review, here is another one that we would like to highlight. Anna is the author of blog Passport Glamour. She travels to beautiful places, tries on new fashion, food, and posts pictures on her blog to make everyone jealous :)

So here she is, wearing one of our blue Fit In Clouds foldable flats! Be sure to check out all her posts, and you can get a tour of Europe right from your computer!

How many times have you left a party, with your heels in your hand? Maybe you were not daring enough to take off your heels, but every step you took in those heels made you take the name of every God in the high heaven? Unfortunately, all the alcohol in your system is not enough to take away the pain caused by your fabulous heels!  Well, you are not alone party lady….and Fit In Clouds is here to help solve your problem!

The foldable after party shoes from  Fit In Clouds are compact and portable, and easily fit in your purse! They come in multiple colors, and are cute enough to wear with the little black dress. So next time you heading out for night, add these folding shoes to your checklist for the night!

Its no joke that Sex & the City movie is probably one of the most anticipated movies, not just by the ladies, but also by retailers. There are a lot ofFit In Clouds shoes predictions in terms of how many $$ in retail is due to the movie. One thing is clear, this movie just another excuse for us ladies to buy those special pair of heels to match Samantha when you are with your friends watching Samantha buy those buy pair of heels. Confused? This might be simple – Estimates currently say that the clothes worn in the movie total to $10M. Thats right! Stores like Macy have partnered with the movie for a ‘girls weekend’ of sweepstakes and prizes.

My only question is, how long do these ladies stand their pointed heels? I mean, have they not heard about the folding shoes from Fit In Clouds : )

So lets end with some of my fav quotes from the movie:

Samantha (upon seeing a firefighter): Hello, 911. I’m on fire.
Samantha: I’m a trisexual. I’ll try anything once.
Charlotte: You dated Mr. Big. I’m dating Mr. Too Big.
Samantha: I think I have monogamy. I caught it from you.

Just in time for summer, and after requests from many many customers, we finally have it! Yes, our Fit In Clouds foldable shoes are now also available in pink! And its just not a plain simple pink, because we are not just a plain simple company. Its the first in our line with some embroidery on top to give it that special oohhh and aaahhh effect!

To add to its cuteness, we have also made sure it comes with a matching fuchsia bag! These folding shoes might just become an integral part of your wardrobe, and no one will even know the secret that an hour ago, this was folded and stashed away in your purse!


People have always preferred honest customer review about a product fromSequin Folding Shoes an actual customer. These reviews are generally more honest, and reveal the product in its true light!

So here are some actual customer reviews about Fit In Clouds folding shoes. These customers purchased the shoes from the website, and liked it so much, that they wanted to tell the entire world (or alteast everyone on WWW) about them! They were not paid or compensated in any way!

Curve Happens – “You go out at night wearing some fierce heels and by the end of the night, you’re holding your shoes and walking barefoot to the car or the cab (I’ve done both!). With these flats, each in their own drawstring tote, you keep in your bag (I put my blackberry next to it for reference) so when your feet start hurting, you can put them on.”

BabyCenter – Travel shoes that fit in your purse.

Style Symmetry – An absolute must see! Not just a review, but a complete reenactment!

Sequin Shoes at a party!

So there you have it, from the customers own mouth! Fit In Clouds folding shoes as experienced by the customer! To get your own pair of these folding shoes, here is the Fit In Clouds website!

So we realize that the foldable shoes from Fit In Clouds can be used at many

Walk of shame

many occasion. Commuting to work, late night party, weddings, graduations etc are just some of the common ones that come to mind when heels are part of the attire, but the pain is not. Having a pair of portable ballet flats in your purse can be a life saver!

But what about the morning after?? This week, we were alerted to another possible use of these folding shoes! According to Styleite, Fit In Clouds are great to have with you if you are doing the walk of shame!

“Nothing says walk of shame quite like an A.M. emergence that includes a pair of 5-inch stilettos. Enter Fit in Clouds fold up flats.”

Other items on the list? A collapsible bottle, oversizes sunglasses, headache pills and a scarf! Hey, those folding shoes you tucked in your purse the night before might just come in use the next day!

Towering heelsWe all love high heels, and why should we not! I am sure each of us can come up with a different reason as to why we love our heels. However, with this love for our heels comes the danger (just as in any love, correct?). In this recent CNN article, the author talks about the danger of high heels and risk they can cause to our ankles, hamstrings, and posture.

“Dr. Kathleen Stone, president of the American Podiatric Medical Association, suggests giving the feet breaks during the day and changing into high heels at night. She advises against wearing heels that are higher than 2 inches but knows many are not likely to heed the advice. The health effects of high heels are well-known”

She also suggests that some women bring a change of pair with them, so that when they have an opportunity, they can change into something that is more comfortable. There are folding ballet flats available, that let you do just that. These portable ballet shoes fold and fit into a small pouch that you can take with you everywhere you go!

In the end, its price you pay in the long term for those heels! As much cute and adorable as they are, the thoughts of damaging my bones and ligaments is enough to make me carry a pair of foldable shoes in my bag!

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