We are proud to say that Fit In Clouds has been a part of many many weddings. You could call us the wedding crashers, or party makers, whatever you like! The fact is, these foldable shoes make great bridesmaid gifts, and are great to take to weddings – where the heels come off before even the cake is cut!

At one wedding recently, a customer sent us some pictures snapped by her. It’s clear why she took the photos. She had her pair of Fit In Clouds foldable flats with her. So when the time came, and all her friends walked around barefoot (yes, even into the restroom), our friend Jen was the only cool one with her when she whipped out these flats from her purse!

“Your foldable shoes saved my feet! I cannot start to tell you how much I love your shoes now. Why did not I think of this before!” – Jen K

Well, Jen, thanks to you, we had some of your friends call us today to place orders! Smart thinking by Stacy getting a bunch for her bridesmaids! We told them we will be putting pictures on our blog (with permission from Jen of course!). Party up ladies, we got your..feet.

foldable flats

So this week, Fit In Clouds was featured in some more wedding blogs! Looks like these folding shoes are turning out to befoldable ballet flats for weddings life savers for brides and great gifts for bridesmaids!

Honey Bee Wedding - Stilettos are fab but not for 12 hours a day
Wedding Bee – Walking on air

Just in case you are wondering why, think about this:

1) Heels are essential part of any wedding attire for women. However, you know your feet are going to hurt by the end of the night, and you will be limping. A portable shoes that folds and fits in a small pouch is a great option for you!

2) You want something that is fashionable and compact. Something that will match your outfit, even when your heels are off! The folding shoes from Fit In Clouds do just that. The Back in Black foldable shoe is a classic, and goes well with Jeans, as well as formal dresses.

So if you are looking for a bridesmaid gift, or dreading wearing heels  to the upcoming wedding, these foldable shoes from Fit In Clouds can be a real life saver!

martha stewart wedding blog flatsOf the many things to look forward to for a wedding, struggling all day in your heels is definitely not one of them. You have enough to worry about your hair, your make up, your bridesmaids etc., that worrying about your heels should just not be there!

Enter folding shoes from Fit In Clouds. These portable ballet flats fold and fit in a small pouch. They are available in white, to match your wedding dress! After the main event is over, and you are ready for the party, take off your heels and slide into these comfortable ballet flats that you can be hiding under the chair!

Not only are they great for the bride, but they serve as a great gift for the bridesmaids! Imagine their reaction when they find out that they don’t have to suffer all day in heels, and discretely carry these folding shoes in their bag, and use it when they need it most! They can also be dyed to match the BM’s outfit. In case you need further reasons to get these folding shoes, they have been featured in Martha Stewart wedding blog and various bridal magazines from across the country!

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