The Latin Grammy awards were held in Vegas on Nov 11th. It would have come and gone unnoticed by Fit In Clouds, if it not been for 7up. A month before the awards, we got a call from 7up, who was sponsoring the official after party at the Latin Grammy Awards. They wanted to provide their 2,000 celebrity guests at the official Latin Grammy after party with Fit In Clouds foldable shoes! Hhmmm…..great idea…we must say!!

So Fit In Clouds got working with 7up, and provided them with shoes, and custom bags with 7up logo! We also worked with them to have custom tags that said Fit In Clouds on one side, and Compliments of 7up on the other side. We got all this lined up and delivered in Vegas within 4 weeks!

Another reason to be proud to be part of the Fit In Clouds team and why Fit In Clouds is the perfect after party shoes! We partied down with 7up!

So the question is, who liked the shoes more, Shakira or JLo!

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