Do you believe in magic? We now do after seeing some Magic at Las Vegas this year. We are not talking about making fit in clouds at magic trade showcars disappear or making people float in thin air. We are talking about Magic Trade Show, which is held twice a year at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is a show where brands display their product line to thousands of buyers ranging from Zappos to the boutique on main street, USA.

It was our first time setting up booth and we did not know what to expect! A little nervous at first, our nervousness was quickly washed away as we started getting non-stop interest from buyers! Soon before we knew it, we were talking orders and processing cards for stores in CA and NY and even Greece, Canada and Columbia! We worked out agreements with distributors in Canada and picked up shoe reps that will take this brand on road shows! Not only that, some people wanted to buy the Fit In Clouds portable shoes on the spot so that they could wear them around the trade show!

Then there were the parties! As you may know, Fit In Clouds are sold at the Hyde Lounge in Bellagio. As a vendor, we got VIP treatment at the club that is frequented by VIP celebrities. Our buyer gave us a tour of the lounge and sat down with our team as we watched the Bellagio fountains in the background, sipped on our drinks and worked out plans for having these shoes at other Hyde Lounges in LA and Miami!

So do we believe in magic? After an awesomely successful event, there can only be one answer!

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