Nothing says “cute” like a cuddly, fluffy stuffed animal, which is why we’re proud to introduce our new line of rollable flats: Stuffed Animal Fit in Clouds, which feature adorable stuffed animals perched on top of our classic flat styles.Fit in Clouds- Stuffed Animal Flats


The Slithering Snakeskin: You’ll be ssssssso ssssstylish in our shiny snakeskin flats, topped with a stuffed snake. We just hope it’s a friendly garden snake!

The Black Bear BowTie: You’ll stay beary beary warm in our new Black Bear BowTie flats!

The Red Sequin Lobster: We promise this red lobster won’t pinch you with it’s claws- but unfortunately, you can’t boil it and dip it in butter either!

Ready to order?

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