Every year, the American Heart Association holds National Wear Red Day, started in 2003, as part of American Heart Month to raise awareness of the fact that heart disease is the #1 killer of women.

According to the site, the national day has helped create monumental positive changes in the fight against heart disease, including:

  • 21% fewer women dying from heart disease
  • 23% more women aware that it’s their No. 1 health threat
  • Publishing of gender-specific results, established differences in symptoms and responses to medications and women-specific guidelines for prevention and treatment
  • Legislation to help end gender disparities

Although Fit in Clouds is not officially affiliated with the American Heart Association or National Wear Red Day, we support the cause and encourage you to research and participate as well.

Want to get involved? Read up on the red movement, create a fundraising page, and shop for red apparel.

national wear red day

P.S. We’re hosting a National Wear Red Day giveaway on February 1st- be sure to check out the Fit in Clouds Facebook page!

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