You have heard of Sex In the City, but have you heard of ‘Sexy Heels in the City’? Well, then read on, and you will be as amazed as me to find out what it is!

According to The Telegraph, Sexy Heels in the City is a 6 week class offered to 16 year old’s to help them prepare for the ‘business world and their social lives’. Since heels are an integral part of the business and social life, the class teaches them how to walk in heels! A spokeswoman for South Thames College said the course – which was run as an extra-curricular activity – aimed to teach women “how to walk in high heels, improve their posture, walk lighter and improve confidence”.

I wish they had ‘Walking in heels’ for me to enroll into when I was in school. It certainly would be lot more interesting than learning about linear equations! Its obvious which one comes handy today!

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