There’s no place like home! Dorothy enchanted us back in the day with her ruby red slippers, but who says we can’t rock them too? We love the Parisian look, especially with those romantic pops of red.How to Wear Red Shoes- Paris Style
Rocking red sequined shoes with a flirty striped sweater certainly screams “city of love”, especially when paired with a romantic cream colored beret. Layer a chic trench over everything to keep yourself nice and warm as well as a red scarf and you’re all set to ride off into the Parisian sunset on the back of a Vespa. ( A girl can dream, right?) With the right style, you will fit right in with this beautiful city! 

Take a look at how Rachel styled her black checkmates folding flats from Fit In Clouds with her white dress and denim jacket in her lookbook! Oh, and how cute is her side kick Emma? Looks like the perfect companion for Rachel and is extremely obedient to gracefully appear in this photo shoot!

 Rachel's side kick

Now if only we could have men that are so adorable and obedient :)


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Its the age old question every woman struggles with…some more than the others! Ofcourse those gorgeous heels match that dress you bought for the party perfectly, but fast forward a few hours into the party and the smile on your face quickly disappears. Factor in the walk from the car, walk at the party, dancing, drinking and suddenly the fancy heels do not seem the best idea. Unless, ofcourse you have a back up plan! Annelise Rowe from Aunie Sauce shows us how this issue can be solved with portable flats from Fit In Clouds.



With heels matching her beautiful dress, she plans ahead and throws in a pair of the comfy Bowtie black foldable flats in her purse. Ready to give her feet a break from the heels, she swaps out her heels for a pair of comfortable flats!

That did sound a bit strange to us when we heard it first, but it all made sense when Lindsay wrote about them in her blog Pursuit of Pink! She planned a trip to NYC with her adorable baby and realized that she would soon get tired of walking around in her fancy shoes. Planning ahead, she threw her foldable Fit In Clouds flats in her baby’s diaper bag and when the baby needed a change, she was ready for her own change!

folding flats


We know our folding shoes are cute, but wait till you see her adorable baby!!


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Being a Maid or Matron of Honor means always being on the go! Congratulations! You may now add “Personal Assistant” to your resume. Time to treat yourself to the MOH essentials! Above are the items I will be needing to successfully complete my duties. The best part? They all fit in ONE tote bag! Think of these items as a small yet much needed investment. Besides, a happy and organized MOH is a happy Bride-to-Be!

Why did I choose the items above?

{1}Come the end of July, most stores will be offering pretty sundresses on sale. Since they are quick and easy, I will be purchasing a few for the year ahead. {2}A planner, notepad, and colored pens are also a necessity to keep me organized. {3}Living in the South means heat and humidity! So I have added a tumbler and my new favorite lip gloss to my bag. The MOH must stay hydrated and glossed!{4}Fit In Clouds Ballet Flats fold and fit in your purse. Such a great concept for a gal on the go! Wear the ballet flats while setting up for a bridal shower or picking up decor. Then fold, place them in your bag, slip on your high heels, and viola you are ready to entertain!{5}A monogrammed tote bag will be easily identified, perfect with most outfits, and fits all of the things needed to be the best Maid or Matron of Honor.

Good Luck!

kristenBio: Kristen is a blogger at Charmed & Southern. She is a southern girl who lives on the coast and loves boutiques, desserts, road trips, and wedding planning. She believes in love and the Lord and is inspired by bright colors and uplifting music. As a former bride and a current matron of honor, she shares her experiences, DIY wedding inspiration, and planning advice. Connect with Kristen on Twitter @Southern Doe.

Nothing says “Happy Independence Day” like getting patriotic and wearing the colors of our great nation. We know this can get tacky, fast. Here are some tips on how to rock the red white and blue while looking all kinds of cute!4th of July Style 

A striped tee is a classic, casual piece that transitions easily into any season. Make sure to wear a white one with thin blue stripes to keep the whole “American flag look” a little more demure. Bold shorts are totally in for the summer! Pair your striped tee with a pair of red ones for a fun, patriotic look. If you’re feeling a little bold, add a blue and red scarf in an unexpected pattern. Who knew stripes and polka dots looked so cute together? (Fashion tip: mixing prints is totally allowed as long as they’re in the same color scheme!)
If you’re going for a girlier look, pair a plain navy blue dress in a flirty silhouette with some sassy red sequined flats. Top everything off with some classic red rail polish, throw some sunscreen in your blue and white striped tote and you’re all set for a day of fun in the sun!
Happy Independence day!
4th of July Inspiration

Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with turquoise like we are! We also love it’s cousins teal & seafoam. These shades of blue (green?) are super on trend right now especially for the upcoming summer months. Who doesn’t love rocking bright colors with a tan?Turquoise Flats & Other Sea-Inspired ColorsThis gorgeous turquoise bag is simply to die for, and is perfect to pair with a white tee and some turquoise stud earrings. To complete this day look, rock a pair of your favorite jeans and slip on some cute sandals. If you want to switch the look from day to night, swap out your bag for a mint studded clutch and toss a pair of foldable turquoise flats in there just in case you need a break from those heels!

There are plenty of other accessories that we love in these blue/green hues, like this ombre phone case or even a patio pillow for your outdoor furniture!

We hope you have fun playing with turqoise, teal and seafoam this summer. Oh yeah, and don’t forget your shades!

emily devine life in retro flats

We absolutely adore the way Emily of A Devine Life paired our retro flats: with a fun multi-colored patterned skirt,  a long-sleeved black shirt, bold baubles, and an oversized white clutch. Just our style!

Kate Middleton’s got one stylish little sister! As much as we adore Kate’s polished style, Pippa has a flair that we can’t seem to get enough of. A little bit of proper with a bit of sass, Pippa proves that you can be just as trendy as you are ladylike.

We love her navy printed dress with that punch of red in the accessories. That cozy cardigan adds a laid back, preppy vibe and compliments the silhouette of her dress- not to mention her comfy statement flats.

Steal Pippa's preppy style with red sequined flats

Printed Dress // Navy Cardigan // Red Sequined Flats // Red Patent Bag

Steal this look by pairing red sequined flats with a classic navy dress. You can put your own spin on it by switching out the navy cardigan for a cream colored one (or maybe one with stripes!) We love how basic this outfit is, because it can be tweaked to reflect your own personal style. How would you rock Pippa’s look?

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