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Meet Iris – Romanian born, Pre-Med Student and a Utah Blogger who runs her fashion blog. If you ever need any fashion advice or want to know how to style things, head over to her blog and you will not be disappointed! She has some amazing photographs -whether they are strapping 6 inch heels or wearing a spring floral dress with flip-flops!

Recently Iris posted a review on the red sequin and white retro flats. You can read all about them here and I bet you will not be able to get enough of Fifi’s cuteness.


Talking about sequins – you can make a statement with them whether they are flats, purses, dresses or watches! Follow our Sequin Pinterest board for all things sequin!  How amazing this is Oscar De La Renta’s sequin dress on Eva Longoria. Granted she could wear anything and it would look splendid! At Fit In Clouds, we offer 4 varieties in our sequin flats – gold, silver, black and red. They have always been one of the most popular styles and are available from size 6 to size 12.

While the use of sequin is prevalent today in fashion, did you know that sequin discs were used as early at 2,500 BC. How is that for a fashion trend?

Drum-roll please! It has happened again!This time it is the silver snakeskin flats from Fit In Clouds that have made it to the #1 top seller in flats on Overstock.com. This is no small feat, considering there are over 3,000 pairs in that flats category. A while back, the satin foldable flats from Fit In Clouds were top seller and we are glad to back in that spot again!

Snakeskin flats top seller on Overstock

Funny story on the snakeskin flats. When our first batch of the snakeskin flats came in from overseas, we got a call from the US Customs asking us a license number for the import of the restricted animal material. Scratching our head over this, we explained they must have gotten us confused with someone else. After a little bit of back and forth, it became clear that the US Customs had mistaken the item description to be real snakeskin! Still not convinced that the material was a snakeskin embossed PU material, the US customs sent the items to a lab for inspection. Maybe they looked so much like real snakeskin, the did not believe the accompanying documentation. Well, once they all the clear sign, we received our first batch just about 5 weeks behind schedule.

Now that they are US customs approved and available in stock – there are plenty of ways to style your snakeskin flats. Take a look at Annebeth, The Styling Dutchman and how she styled them for everyday wear. We also love the Areta styled her gingham shirt and white snakeskin flats. Keeping is simple and stylish! Just how we like it.

At Fit In Clouds, we are committed to keeping our style fresh. Any more fresh, and you might have to slap us :-)

A few months back, in anticipation of an early spring, we had added our bright colored neon folding flats collection. This month, we are introducing our crinkly patent leather foldup flats in two colors – black and silver. These flats come embellished with round studs in the toe area. In addition, these are the first in our line of flats that come with extra insole padding that are meant to make these flats super comfortable! With a durable stitched split sole, and a cute little bag to carry these around – its a complete package! All for only $31.95. These flats look formal enough to serve as part of your work attire, as well as trendy enough to go with your evening outfit.


Katie-black studs foldup flats

Wondering how would these flats look with your summer dress? Well, Katie from Style Diary might help you out. She styled the black studded foldup flats with her summer dress.

Silver folding shoes model2Alina from Style by Alina paired the silver studs folding shoes with a burgundy slit maxi skirt and white crop top. She has some amazing shots in this outfit!

How would you style these? Take a look at our entire collection of foldup flats here.

If you are a NetFlix craze like us, you are most probably already wrapped up in the second season of “Orange is the new black”. Infact, according to NetFlix, this show, which skews more towards younger female is even more popular than House of Cards. So whether you binged on the entire season over the weekend, or took it down slow and steady over the course of a couple months you can read about some heart breaking moments here. Spoiler alert!

So why are we talking about NetFlix and Orange is the new black? Because in addition to being an addictive show, we have Meghan Fruehauf styling our Tangerine Neon folding shoes for her walk in the park. Matched perfectly with her blue top, the orange folding shoes give the right pop of color! Her post came out right while I was in the midst of the above mentioned Netflix show, and could not help thinking – Orange is the new black!

Tangerine flats Folding flats - Meghan Fruehauf

Tangeine Neon folding flats - Meghan Fruehauf

Fit in clouds foldable flats – www.fitinclouds.com

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For those of us that endured a never ending winter and dealt with one polar vertex after another, spring could not have come soon enough! Finally its time where flowers are starting to peak out of their buds and brown trees are starting to turn green again. Its spring time ladies, which mean shorts, tanks, flip-flops, beach and BBQ.

So what’s in for Spring style 2014? One word. It depends. Pastels are definitely in, and neon’s have evolved from an accessory to a must have! You could follow Ashley and have a cute sprint time outfit, or you could keep is classy and feminine like Jealeyni does here with her pencil skirt. One of our favorite is this springtime dress from Meggie taken during her picnic in the park! Light, fresh and perfectly paired! Nothing screams spring more than a picnic where you can feel the fresh cut grass under your feet! Ofcourse, the most important outfit ingredient of spring is your smile!

Whats your favorite spring style? Let us know! Talking about spring time outfits, tell us where the image below was taken and earn a 30% voucher coupon valid till 5/31/14.


Spring in the city!



Spring time foldup flats

(Above: Fit In Clouds black flats

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Last week we refreshed our website and gave it a new look! It had been coming for a long time, and there was always something that went wrong right at the last minute! Well, thanks to our developers, Fit in Clouds foldable designer flats has a new home! In addition to making browsing easier, it also simplifies the check out for our customers. The image carousel is also a nice new feature that gives us the option to feature some styles and looks. We have also added some new styles just in time for Spring!

Take a look and let us know what you think!


Neon_folding_flatsLast week our blog on the neon flats introduced our readers to our latest collection – Fit In Clouds Neon Folding shoes. We were overwhelmed with the responses and feedback we received! Looks like this will be a hit for the upcoming spring styles! Most importantly, the readers pointed out the affordability of these fashionable flats – similar styles from other vendors are offered for around $100! We think that’s crazy – for that much money these flats should come included with in-built massages! Our neon folding shoes – available in Citron, Tangerine and Lime, come with a smooth inside lining and sole support – and are under $30!

Infact, Overstock has also added these stylish shoes to their offering. Check them out here. While you are there, take a look at the reviews on some of our other flats that have been there for a while. The tan retro folding flats have a near perfect 4.8 out of 5 stars and 44 reviews on the Silver sequin foldable flats give it an average of 4.2 out of 5. These reviews are unedited!

Here is some more help on styling the neon flats. If you are looking for a subtle hint of neon, take a look at how Tara from Three Wishes style does it! The citron in the flats matches perfectly with her shirt! Or you could go bold like Emily from the sweetest thing blog does with her neon shoes! Definitely a pop of color! Either ways, just remember – confidence is your best accessory to this style! And not limiting neon just to shoes, here is Abigail from Style Diary proudly styling her neon jeans! We love her stripe blazer/neon jeans combination!

Whats your style! Tell us and we might just feature you!




Neon hues are officially haute! Whether its a dress for the summer, or your workout clothes, or your accessories, or your shoes…electric neon makes it chic! Keeping up with the trend, we are happy to announce our neon collection of folding flats. Available in tangerine, citron and lime – the neon folding flats are sure to add more than a pop of color to your wardrobe!

Style them with your regular outfit, as here here by Annelise from the Aunie Sauce. She wore the neon citron with her jeans and leopard print top.  Although the neon’s inject a cool vibe and provide instant glam to various ensembles, you need to watch how you style it! For example, don’t do green with purple and of course, avoid doing all neon! Similarly,



If you are going to wear neon, feel energetic and bright and happy. The attitude needs to match your clothes. As they say, the most important accessory with any clothing is your confidence and smile! Check out the the neon folding flats from Fit In Clouds and let us know what you think below!



One of the most important accessories that you will have in your wardrobe are shoes. In fact, most people that you meet will glance at your feet and if they like your trotters, chances are, they will like the rest of you! Women know how to pull it off perfectly with shoes. Just look at how much space retail stores dedicate to women’s clothing vs men’s clothing!

Accessorize correctly

Referred to as party shoes, due to their portable design and flashy look, the sequin shoes are made for women that are ready to stand out. It is perfect for women that know what her feet needs and are not afraid to invest in a good pair of comfortable designer shoes! To make the look complete, you can consider going for other accessories.

Start with the other smaller accessories like the earrings, a brooch, hairstyle and so on. In fashion, the little things matter a lot. There are more fashion accessories than can you imagine, however, it all starts with a pair of good stylish shoes! If you invest in a good pair of shoes, then most likely, you will just need one more accessory like a watch to pull off the great look.


Find your style with the sequin shoes! 

Sequin shoes are offered by several brand names, each representing their taste. Consider the style, the color, the occasion and other factors that will make these sequin flats special for you! The silver sequin flats from Fit In Clouds are portable and easy to style with most outfits in your wardrobe and they will make you stand out from the crowd.


Today we feature some pictures sent to us by one of our very loyal customers. Dani was on a road trip and one of her travel essentials were her Fit In Clouds gold sequin foldup flats. She says she has almost every Fit In Clouds style flat with her, but often takes her sequin flats for extended wear, such as this road trip. Infact, the sequin flats do have cushioned insole and durable stitched split sole which provide added support while walking. These flats will not wear out! These are as good (or shall we say better) than many regular flats! Dani always keeps a pair of the flats in her glove compartment. This way, she never has to drive in heels (or worse barefoot) and always has them close at hand!



By the way, did you know that gold sequin discs has been used for decorative purposes on clothing in the Indus Valley since 2,500 BC? Looks like civilizations after that have really grabbed onto that concept, and now we put those decorative discs on equin dress, sequin purses, sequin watches, and ofcourse….sequin foldup flats!

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