Will you forgive us for bragging a bit? We’re proud to announce that Fit in Clouds represents four of the top ten best sellers in the flats category on Overstock. Want to see for yourself? Check it out!

black patent fit in clouds

#3 selling flats on Overstock: Fit In Clouds Women’s Black Patent Leather Foldable/ Portable Flats

4.2 rating

“These flats are perfect. They are comfortable and fit real nice. I take them with me when I go out dancing, after a long night of dancing you want to come out of you sexy heels that are killing your feet and slip into something more comfortable. These shoes are stylish and fit in my small party purse with my keys, mints, lip gloss and cell phone. PERFECT!”

“I really enjoy the flats and will order another pair for sure. Great buy:)”

“What a useful product. Great to have in your glovebox or purse for those late nights when you just can’t take another step in your heels. Very cute.”

#4 selling flats on Overstock: Fit In Clouds Basic Foldable Flats in gold

4.2 rating

“These are cute little flats that tuck away neatly in your purse or glove box, I’ve found them quite useful!”

#7 selling flats on Overstock: Fit In Clouds Silver Sequin Foldable Flats

4.1 rating

“These are the cutest shoes that I have…..that’s why I purchased 3 pair…..silver, gold and black !! Have recommeded them to every lady that has commented on them….and several have said they would be making a purchase.”

“I thought these would be great slippers for indoors…but the soles are so substancial that they could be worn outside….a pouch full of these sparklers would be very handy to keep in your purse when those stilettos get uncomfortable!!!”

#8 selling flats on Overstock: Fit In Clouds Women’s Silver Patent Foldable Flats

4.0 rating

“Bought for my son’s wedding to dance in. Definitely a must to use for dancing. They do run small for size.”

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