Are you tired of walking barefoot in your heels after night of partying? Have youFoldable shoes left wedding with your heels in hand? We have all been there! As much as you love those stilettos when you are getting ready, you hate them at the end of the night when the only thought in your mind is getting out of those heels!

As much as heels try to be ‘comfy’, there is nothing that comes close to the pleasure of actually taking them off! The only problem is, walking barefoot is not an options. So now, with Fit In Clouds shoes, you have a solution close to hand! These portable shoe fold and fit into a small pouch that you can carry with your at all time. They fit in a tiny purse or a handbag. Keep them in glove compartment. Store an emergency pair in your drawer at work. When you heels start hurting, you have a fashionable solution close to hand! With these portable shoes, you will never have to worry about leaving the house in heels! You know that no matter what, your feet are going to be comfortable!

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