Spring Wedding Style

Wedding season seems to be starting a little early this year!

// 1. Mint Dress // 2. Pink Wristlet // 3. Necklace // 4. Arrow Ring // 5. Bracelet // 6. Fit in Clouds Flats //

Be ready for your friend or family’s big event with your favorite spring pastels and some pretty baubles. Most importantly, be sure to pack your Fit in Clouds in your wristlet (#6 above) so your feet are comfy cozy once it’s time to say goodbye to your heels!

So grab your camera, your date and get ready to have some fun- it’s spring wedding season!

michelle fierce and fashionableToday’s guest post comes from Michelle Lynne of the up and coming blog Fierce & Fashionable. Michelle recently moved to Oklahoma from the city of Chicago to pursue her career in management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Michelle is a travel enthusiast, former D1 athlete, and lover of wine and fashion.

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