At Fit In Clouds, we are committed to keeping our style fresh. Any more fresh, and you might have to slap us :-)

A few months back, in anticipation of an early spring, we had added our bright colored neon folding flats collection. This month, we are introducing our crinkly patent leather foldup flats in two colors – black and silver. These flats come embellished with round studs in the toe area. In addition, these are the first in our line of flats that come with extra insole padding that are meant to make these flats super comfortable! With a durable stitched split sole, and a cute little bag to carry these around – its a complete package! All for only $31.95. These flats look formal enough to serve as part of your work attire, as well as trendy enough to go with your evening outfit.


Katie-black studs foldup flats

Wondering how would these flats look with your summer dress? Well, Katie from Style Diary might help you out. She styled the black studded foldup flats with her summer dress.

Silver folding shoes model2Alina from Style by Alina paired the silver studs folding shoes with a burgundy slit maxi skirt and white crop top. She has some amazing shots in this outfit!

How would you style these? Take a look at our entire collection of foldup flats here.

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