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Chelsea over at Olive & Ivy feels she is a little behind the trend, since she is just not styling her chambray shirt. Chambray shirts actually have been a staple in fashion industry for a very very long time and the trend was a little stronger this year than in the past. Don’t worry Chelsea – you might be a bit late, but you did style them right with the blue striped dress and tan retro folding shoes!

Did you know that Chambray was manufactured in France, as a soft, mostly cotton fabric and its name was derived from from the France region Cambria where it was first made? Ofcourse, this has been adapted over the years, and now many manufacturers make chambray shirts with a touch of spandex so that they fit and feel better. Although most people associate chambray with varying shades of the color blue, it also comes in other colors and is much lighter than its cousin denim, with which it is often confused with! They have quite a trend this year with all major retailers displaying it front and center!

Chambray and striped dress


chambray style

Shirt, Phone Case, Dress, Flats, Skirt, Hair Bow, Scarf

Chambray has cemented itself as a spring staple that is here to stay. From shirts and skirts to scarves and shoes, chambray is being used in clothing and accessories alike. If you’re hesitant to try this trend, start with something small like a hair bow or flats before sporting a shirt or dress.

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