It’s that time again. The new year is here and as a bonus, the world didn’t end, like the Mayans predicted it would!

You know what we’re talking about- it’s time for new year’s resolutions! A time to start over and self-improve. And at the top of our list this year? Taking better care of our poor, overworked feet. Here are our four vows that we’re making for our feet this year.

new year's resolution take better care of feetPhoto credit

new year's resolution take better care of feet

  1. Wear less painful shoes: We’re guilty of wearing uncomfortable shoes (beauty is pain, we tell ourselves) and we bet you are too. This year, we’re giving our feet a break by carrying Fit in Clouds in our purses to change into after an interview, a long night at a club, or a 10 hour day at the office.
  2. Soak our feet: Bring on the bath salts, the essential oils, and the milk! We vow to soak our feet once a week (using these helpful soaking tips!) while watching reality TV or reading our novel for book club.
  3. Exfoliate and moisturize: We’re whipping out our pumice stones and pledging to use them religiously. Post-exfoliation, we’ll be lathering on super hydrating foot creams to prevent not-so-sexy skin cracking. Check out Real Simple’s list of top foot creams for suggestions.
  4. Beautify our feet: Painting our nails may not serve any benefit in termsof health or comfort, but looking down at our glittery gold or light pink OPI nail polish brightens our day and reminds us how rewarding it is to care for our feet.

Tell us- what’s your New Year’s resolution? How do you take care of your feet?


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