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Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I have no idea what my plans are for the day
…this makes picking out my clothes kind of hard.

On one hand I’m constantly on the go, so I like to be comfortable and ready for anything. At the same time, it’s important for me to be put together and feel good about the way I look. This outfit is ideal because the flowy-but-fitted dress, structured purse, and comfortable flats can take me anywhere my little heart desires, while my jean jacket and neutral sunglasses keep me looking casual – maybe even a bit edgy! And how ’bout the cute little details like this arrow ring and the heart print phone case?


Jenn is the blogger behind With Luck Blog. She started blogging to help her become inspired to live life instead of pinning it. She posts about a little bit of everything – DIYs, delicious recipes, new style ideas, healthy living… anything goes! Her blog is a place for her to be creative and share inspirations from her little computer in Northeast PA.

spring time glam adored by alex

Outfit one: Equipment blouse // J.Crew denim // Fit In Clouds flats // Rebecca Minkoff bag // Gorjana ring // Tory Burch earrings

Outfit two: Calypso St. Barth maxi dress // Fit In Clouds flats // Rachel Zoe hat // Botkier clutch // Ray Ban aviators // Kate Spade earrings

Two outfits, two pairs of Fit In Clouds flats. Of course spring harkens warmer temps and the ability to ditch the layers and dress with ease and comfort, but truly my favorite thing is the return of color! Not only do Fit in Clouds flats make it simple for me to run errands and lunch with friends without the worry of sore feet, but they also are easily paired with neutrals and pops of color whatever the occasion! xx

adored by alex headshot

Today’s post comes from Alex Carreno of one of our new favorite fashion and lifestyle blogs. According to Alex, “Adored by Alex has been a way for me to catalogue my inspirations and life experiences all in the hopes of sharing and inspiring others along the way.” We love her adorable quatrefoil blog header, her upbeat color scheme, and her cute collages.

Fit In Clouds - Spring Fever

Another bout of cold weather really has me wishing for warmer temperatures, sunny days, and umbrella drinks {think #ihatewinter}, but until then dressing up in bright colors and floral prints will bring me out of these winter blues. I can easily transition this outfit from desk to date night with these Fit in Clouds flats!

samanatha brunette one

Today’s post comes from Samantha Peterson. Samantha is the style blogger behind The Brunette One, where she catalogs the latest fashion trends, styling tips & tricks, personal & street style inspiration and bundles them together to create her collection of splendid things. She currently resides in Des Moines, where she works as a merchandise buyer.

stephanie event crashers

Today’s guest post comes from Steph, the editor of The Event Crashers, a wedding and event inspiration blog. Steph is a strong believer that all things deserve to be celebrated. When she’s not bringing her readers beautiful, whimsical and classic inspiration, she can be found assisting her favorite DJ at weddings and parties.  She loves shoes, gin & tonics, giraffes and laughing. Follow her on Twitter @eventcrashers

As an event professional, I’m constantly on the go: meeting with clients and then spending my weekends attending weddings, fundraisers or other events that we have going on.  During the off season I love meeting up with friends and going out to celebrate birthdays, new jobs, and more (I’m a believer that everything in life deserves to be celebrated!). While I love dressing for the occasion, I don’t love sore feet at the end of the night. Carrying along a typical pair of shoes along is nice, but they take up more space than what I have available and it’s not very professional to have shoes protruding out of your bag.

When I came across Fit in Clouds rollable flats, I was instantly drawn to their adorable and trendy styles, as well as their versatility and ability to be folded literally in half for sleek storage.  I opted for the black and white retro shoes and couldn’t wait for them to arrive to take them out on the town!  When the shoes arrived, I tested them out in a handbag to see how they’d fit.  There was plenty of room for my other night-out essentials and from the outside you couldn’t even tell what was hidden inside.

event crashers rollable flatsAfter a night in the city with friends, I changed into the flats for the seven block walk home.  Right off the bat I was extremely surprised at how comfortable these shoes were!  They were soft and cushioned and offered enough support to get me through the rest of the evening.  I’m definitely looking forward to the peak of wedding season to keep these in my bag for immediate relief.

But where else could Fit in Clouds shoes come in handy in your life?

On campus:  You have a huge presentation for one of your classes and professional suit attire is required.  You don’t mind dressing up but you aren’t looking forward to your trek to class in your adorable heels.  The solution?  Put on your Fit in Clouds flats that will still look great with your outfit as you’re walking to class, then change into your heels either right before entering the room or when you get to your desk.  Tuck your flats back into the handy bag until after class when you’re ready to walk to your next destination.

At your wedding:  There are a TON of great uses for Fit in Clouds for your wedding day!  Purchase a pair that matches your color scheme and theme to put on after all the traditional elements are done and you’re ready to rock out and dance the night away.  With the variety of styles available, you’re certain to find something that matches with your day.  You can even go one step further and purchase shoes as gifts for your bridesmaids as well, ensuring that your ladies all have matching wedding shoes.  They can even customize the bag for you with your wedding date or monogram as an amazing and unique keepsake.

For travel:  Running through the airport can be tough, especially if you’re running in winter shoes or work heels.  Packing these along in your bag can be a lifesaver in the airport, as well as at your final destination. In the near future, Fit in Clouds will even offer flip flops that could be used at your warmer vacation spots.

Where do you see yourself using Fit In Clouds shoes in the future?  

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