You must have heard by now about Marissa Mayer’s appointment to the CEO role at Yahoo! Marissa is a Google veteran and she was brought in after Yahoo! went through a series of cheif’s in an attempt to get its act together. In the language of business …”Google had eaten up Yahoo’s lunch” and Yahoo wanted to save itself from starvation.

So why are we blogging about this? What does this have to do with portable flats for women? Was Marissa Mayer a strong supporter of Fit in Clouds? That is probably not the case, even though I am sure she could use from comfortable flats after wearing heels all day! This is important because it represents the third tech company with a women CEO! That is right, we are ruling the fashion runways as well as the corner offices, all while keeping our heels high!

Last year, HP announced Meg Whitman as its CEO, then IBM announced Ginny Rometty as its CEO, and now you have Yahoo announcing Marissa Mayer as its CEO! A proud for us ladies, that have come a long way from ruling the household kitchen, to ruling some the worlds largest and most complex organizations!





Towering heelsWe all love high heels, and why should we not! I am sure each of us can come up with a different reason as to why we love our heels. However, with this love for our heels comes the danger (just as in any love, correct?). In this recent CNN article, the author talks about the danger of high heels and risk they can cause to our ankles, hamstrings, and posture.

“Dr. Kathleen Stone, president of the American Podiatric Medical Association, suggests giving the feet breaks during the day and changing into high heels at night. She advises against wearing heels that are higher than 2 inches but knows many are not likely to heed the advice. The health effects of high heels are well-known”

She also suggests that some women bring a change of pair with them, so that when they have an opportunity, they can change into something that is more comfortable. There are folding ballet flats available, that let you do just that. These portable ballet shoes fold and fit into a small pouch that you can take with you everywhere you go!

In the end, its price you pay in the long term for those heels! As much cute and adorable as they are, the thoughts of damaging my bones and ligaments is enough to make me carry a pair of foldable shoes in my bag!

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