weekly roundup february holidays edition

To us, February is the month of reminding ourselves to follow our New Year’s Resolutions, celebrating Mardi Gras with colorful beads (no nudity though!), spending Valentine’s Day with our significant others or best friends, and trying to remember if we get President’s Day off or not.

This week, our roundup features helpful posts on your favorite (or not so favorite) February holidays!

February 1: National Wear Red Day (Today!)

Remember that it’s National Wear Red Day today- wear red to raise awareness that heart disease is the #1 killer of women. Be sure to visit the Fit in Clouds Facebook page today for a giveaway of our red sequin flats!

national wear red day

February 3: Superbowl

superbowl style fit in clouds february holidays

Stay comfortable in Fit in Clouds flats (sorry Ravens fans- no purple!). Don the jersey of your favorite player. Whip up guacamole or skinny buffalo chicken potato skins from Skinny Taste.

February 12: Mardi Gras

mardi gras style rollable flats february holidays

You know your feet will be tired after watching the Mardi Gras parades and bar hopping on Bourbon Street. Pack a pair of gold sequin Fit in Clouds in your bag to keep your style intact when it’s time to hop on the St. Charles Streetcar or hobble back to your hotel. Be sure to read up on Mardi Gras FAQs and what to eat, drink, do, and avoid during Mardi Gras before you go.

February 14: Valentine’s Day

red valentine's day flats


Attached? Get your man a broquet (yup, the female equivalent of a bouquet…) and wear red sequin rollable flats on your hot date. Single? Check out this survival guide from HerCampus and don red sequin ballet flats during your annual girls’ night with friends, where you drink a few Cosmos and celebrate your singlehood.

What are your favorite February happenings?

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