We knew it was only a matter of time before the Oprah would feature our lovely foldup shoes! After a request from the editors, we crossed our fingers and waited patiently. Today we are happy to report that the gold sequin foldup shoes were featured on Oprah.com  as part of the O’s great buys of the week.

Oprah's great buys of the week

View our entire collection of foldup shoes that fit in a little pouch at www.fitinclouds.com

If you flipped through the May issue of Redbook, you might have noticed a little plug for Fit in Clouds folding shoes. Withredbook magazine features fit in clouds summer fast approaching, and heels becoming part of the wardrobe, these folding shoes are perfect to take with you everything you go! We were delighted to find ourselves in this esteemed magazine!

We are sure the Redbook readers surely appreciated that!

Make your travel a little bit easier with the folding shoes featured in the August issue of Smart Meetings! The editors at the travel and meeting magazine realized how comfortable and practical these folding shoes are for travel. Aptly called ‘Shoes to go’, these folding shoes are perfect to take on the plane, cruise or meeting when you know you will be counting down the seconds to take off those heels!

smart meetings mentions fit in clouds as perfect travel shoe

With summer around the corner, its time for beach, BBQ and travel.  When youvia her world travel shoes  hit the road this summer, don’t forget to pack your foldable travel shoes! They have been tried and tested by the folks over at Via Her World (a group that makes me jealous because they get to travel all over and then write about it).

The travel shoes from Fit In Clouds are compact and foldable, and easily fit in your purse or handbag. They come in a small carry pouch and are great for switching into while on an airplane or in your hotel room. Always keep a pair in your glove compartment and you can comfortably switch into them anytime you are on the road! With a thick durable split sole, you will get the comfort and protection you need!

Safe summer travels!

Fit In Clouds foldable shoes were recently featured in the Shape magazine! AfterShape magazine mentions fit in clouds all, we are all about walking, so it makes complete sense to be featured in the Shape magazine!

“Throw these foldup ballet flats into your clutch before you head out for an evening of dancing. When 2:30am hits and your feet are killing you, you’ll be happy you thought ahead” – Shape Magazine

Judging from the awesome response, looks like a lot of women are thinking ahead!!

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