Several weeks ago, we decided to begin a blog series on how to wear red shoes. One of our readers was looking for answers to this question and at Fit in Clouds, we always deliver!

This week: How to wear red shoes, neutral style

If you’re not quite ready to mix and match colorful shades and patterns, an otherwise neutral look might the best pairing for your red shoes. Just pair dark wash skinny jeans (H&M has affordable options), a camel colored handbag, a white button down shirt, a multi-layered red beaded necklace, and red flats for a look that’s fun and incorporates a pop or two of color without looking too over-the-top.

How to Wear Red Shoes- Neutral

Our question to you: how do you rock red shoes?

Periodically, we look at our site stats and see how people land on our blog. Recently, someone arrived here by searching “how to wear red shoes.” We hope he or she (we’re betting it’s a she!) got inspired by perusing our posts, but we wanted to dedicate a whole series of posts just to answering her question.

This week: How to wear red shoes, nautical style


How to Wear Red Shoes- Nautical

An American Apparel raglan sweatshirt with an anchor screen-print. White shorts with gold buttons. A navy and white striped tote bag with rope handles. Flashy gold anchor earrings. A red and gold nautical-themed bracelet. A navy and white belt with anchor tassel. And last, but most importantly: red flats.

Our question to you: how do you rock red shoes?

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