Have a Feminine Edge


Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I have no idea what my plans are for the day
…this makes picking out my clothes kind of hard.

On one hand I’m constantly on the go, so I like to be comfortable and ready for anything. At the same time, it’s important for me to be put together and feel good about the way I look. This outfit is ideal because the flowy-but-fitted dress, structured purse, and comfortable flats can take me anywhere my little heart desires, while my jean jacket and neutral sunglasses keep me looking casual – maybe even a bit edgy! And how ’bout the cute little details like this arrow ring and the heart print phone case?


Jenn is the blogger behind With Luck Blog. She started blogging to help her become inspired to live life instead of pinning it. She posts about a little bit of everything – DIYs, delicious recipes, new style ideas, healthy living… anything goes! Her blog is a place for her to be creative and share inspirations from her little computer in Northeast PA.

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