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Meet Iris –¬†Romanian born, Pre-Med Student and a Utah Blogger who runs her fashion blog. If you ever need any fashion advice or want to know how to style things, head over to her blog and you will not be disappointed! She has some amazing photographs -whether they are strapping 6 inch heels or wearing a spring floral dress with flip-flops!

Recently Iris posted a review on the red sequin and white retro flats. You can read all about them here and I bet you will not be able to get enough of Fifi’s cuteness.


Talking about sequins – you can make a statement with them whether they are flats, purses, dresses or watches! Follow our Sequin Pinterest board for all things sequin! ¬†How amazing this is Oscar De La Renta’s sequin dress on Eva Longoria. Granted she could wear anything and it would look splendid! At Fit In Clouds, we offer 4 varieties in our sequin flats – gold, silver, black and red. They have always been one of the most popular styles and are available from size 6 to size 12.

While the use of sequin is prevalent today in fashion, did you know that sequin discs were used as early at 2,500 BC. How is that for a fashion trend?

Today we feature some pictures sent to us by one of our very loyal customers. Dani was on a road trip and one of her travel essentials were her Fit In Clouds gold sequin foldup flats. She says she has almost every Fit In Clouds style flat with her, but often takes her sequin flats for extended wear, such as this road trip. Infact, the sequin flats do have cushioned insole and durable stitched split sole which provide added support while walking. These flats will not wear out! These are as good (or shall we say better) than many regular flats! Dani always keeps a pair of the flats in her glove compartment. This way, she never has to drive in heels (or worse barefoot) and always has them close at hand!



By the way, did you know that gold sequin discs has been used for decorative purposes on clothing in the Indus Valley since 2,500 BC? Looks like civilizations after that have really grabbed onto that concept, and now we put those decorative discs on equin dress, sequin purses, sequin watches, and ofcourse….sequin foldup flats!

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