fit in clouds new year's eve

Still debating what to wear on December 31st? At Fit in Clouds, we believe nothing says New Year’s Eve quite like sequins! So why not pair a fitted sequin dress with towering heels, a sparkly clutch, and fun, glittery jewelry?

But most importantly, don’t forget to pop a pair of Fit in Clouds foldable flats into your clutch to put on after a long night of dancing!

happy new year's eve everyone

P.S. Want more New Year’s Eve (p)inspiration? Check out our Party Central board on Pinterest!

The sequin foldable shoe has been one of our most popular styles. A lot of people have been asking for this style in other colors. So now we are happy to report that the sequin foldable shoes are available in 3 colors!

  • The black sequin foldup shoe has a great classy look, and goes great with all formal dresses and looks great with jeans. The black sequin discs give you just the right amount of sparkle!
  • The silver sequin foldup ballet flat has a bright and vibrant sparkle to it. The silver shaped beads give this foldup ballet flat a super sleep look.
  • The gold sequin foldup ballet flats is our newest addition! They are great to add a little color to your wardrobe!

All the sequin foldable shoes come with a thick durable sole. They provide excellent cushioning to your feet, and are perfect for outdoor wear! As we like to say here, you might love these sequin shoes so much, that may might become part of your regular flat collection, rather than a spare foldable flat!


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