Although most nights after work you might prefer to head home, eat dinner and relax in front of the TV in your sweats, there are probably the occasional after-work events that you and your friends plan, like happy hour. The trick here is seamlessly transitioning your outfit from one extreme to the other: from work to happy hour.

work to happy hour

First, we start off with a colorful, basic dress like this green one. Adding a structured blazer, classic pearl earrings and patent black heels abide by the typical office dress code and offer a professional look. For drinks with friends after work, add on a fun statement necklace, a few extra coats of mascara and slip off the painful heels and slip into the super comfortable Fit in Clouds black bow tie flats. Since they easily fold up, you can slip them into your cute floral purse when not in use!

Rachel of Life Unsweetened

Today’s guest post comes from Rachel of Life Unsweetened, which is best described as a life and style blog- without the sugar coating. Rachel is a 20-something from New York who is a SEO Copywriter and freelance writer by day.You could also call her a social media nerd, non-crazy cat lady, chocoholic and sarcastic fireball (yes, people have referred to her as that before).

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