A while back, we received an email from the editor at Brides Magazine. They said there were doing a newBrides magazine wedding flats feature on portable flat and would like to ‘road test’ what is in the market and then report on the best four brands.  The others would not be mentioned. So we sent in our samples and crossed our fingers!

About two months later, we received notification that Fit In Clouds were selected as the most comfortable and will be featured in the Brides magazine in the March issue. We could not be more thrilled! We always strive to provide the most comfortable portable flats  and with this validation from Brides, it had made us even more determined to make the most comfortable and stylish portable flats ever!

In addition, some of you might remember that Fit In Clouds were also mentioned in the Martha Stewart wedding blog as perfect gift for bridesmaids. With its sturdy support and wide ranges, it is no wonder that hundreds of brides select Fit In Clouds as the wedding portable flats of choice for their wedding party! Infact, here is one bride that went a step further and customized that portable ballets flats for her entire wedding party!

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