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Portable flats - Fit in Clouds
Q: What are Fit In Clouds portable flats?
A: Fit In Clouds portable flats are regular looking flats, but they fold and fit in a small carry pouch. They are designed to be portable so that they can come in handy whenever you need to switch out of your heels. 
Q: Can I wear these portable flats outside? 
A: Ofcourse! With their stitched sole and padded insole, they are designed to be worn outside, just like regular flats. 
Q: Can they be re-used? 
A: Absolutely! They are made of durable materials, and just like regular flats, they can be used several several time. The only difference is that these fold up in a small pouch! 
Q: What are they made of? 
A: Each foldable flats is different. Some are made of satin, some with cloth and some patent leather. Please look at description details of each. 
Q: How much is shipping and do you ship internationally? 
A: Shipping in the US and Canada is free. There is no minimums required. Shipping international is $9 flat rate. You should able to select your country (and region if applicable) during checkout. 
Q: How long does shipping take? 
A: We ship everyday from Indiana using USPS, so any deliveries in central US generally take about 2-3 days after the order has been placed. . The east and west coast take about 4-5 days. You have the option to pay for expedited delivery which is 1-2 days faster than regular service. International delivery vary by destination and can take anywhere from 7  to 15 days. 
Q: What is your return/exchange policy? 
A: You can return any unused items for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. You just have to pay for the return shipping.  
Q: Do you do custom orders for weddings and special events? 
A: Yes, we have been part of several wedding and events and we would love to be part of yours as well. We can have your logo/message on the bag and/or shoes. Please reach to us via email or phone for additional information. 
Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can email us at contact at fitinclouds dot com or call us at 419 825 6837. We are available 9am to 6pm ET Mon to Friday.