The three essential shoes for business travel

You have packed and repacked and then packed again. You have made sure every inch in your bag is being put to good use. Then you look in the closet and see yet another pair of shoes staring at you, begging to go along the trip. Sounds familiar? We have all been there. 

No matter what finally ends up getting packed in your suitcase, the following three pairs of shoes are essential for every business travel. 

travel shoes

Formal heels: These are practically part of your business attire and you cannot go without them. Having a pair in black will ensure that it matches almost any outfit and almost any business occasion. 

Sports shoes: Just because you are on business does not mean you cannot stay fit. Pack a pair of cute running shoes, and unpack them when you get your hotel. Seeing them just might provide you that extra bit of motivation. 

Portable flats: With limited packing space, these foldup flats are great because they are compact enough to fit in your purse. You can take a couple of these and have a few options to wear for your evening events. 

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  • Shoes are always the article of clothing that I overpack no matter how many times I tell myself I know that I will not be wearing a certain pair. I love that you mentioned portable flats! They seem so practical especially on a business trip and need to kick off those heels at the end of the day!

    Alexa Cress on
  • I couldn’t agree more! I’m so bad about overpacking when it comes to shoes but really all you need is sneakers, heels, and flats. Those portable flats are an especially great idea. Anything that saves spaces in my suitcase earns a gold star from me. I love that they come in so many different styles!

    Jamie A on

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