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No one can stop us from dreaming and thinking big. So what if our travel is not always first class, and we have not step foot in some of the airport lounges? That does not mean we cannot enviously make a list of the best airport lounges! So while the rest of the airport can be a hotbed of stress and frustration, there is complete nirvana inside the walls of these world class lounges. Here is what we have our eyes on: 

Qantas First Class Lounge, Sydney : If you like massages, you are going to love this one! Passengers in this lounge get a complimentary treatment in its Aurora spa surrounded by 8,000 plus wall of plants. Once you are done with your massage, step into the shower suites and sample some O'dourves

Emirate First Class Lounge, Dubai: If shopping is your thing, you need to step inside this luxury lounge. It stretches the entire length of the terminal so you dont have to take more than 50 steps to your gate. This lounge has its own luxury storefronts such as Tiffany & Co., Mont Blanc as well as á la carte dining offerings

Etihad's Diamond First Class Lounge, Abu Dhabi : If you are travelling with kids, this is the lounge you want to get into. The care takers in this lounge will take them off your hands with personal nanny service and a playroom. Get a free 15 minutes massage and take a refreshing shower while your kids are busy exploring! 

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, New York-JFK : When looking for a lounge with a stocked bar and a party theme, look no further than the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. With a hip cocktail bar and a pool table for trying out some shots, this lounge has a colorful imaginative setting that highlights the Virgin experience - complete with a red leather sofa and purple lighting. Leave the rest of Manhattan behind as you soak your feet into the Clubhouse SPA, you slip into complimentary PJ's and sip on your cocktails.   


Have you experienced any of these world class lounges? What would you add to this list? Let us know! 

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  • I’ve traveled all over the world but more as a budget traveler than one that can afford to indulge in lounges.. That being said someday I do see myself investing money into the splurge. The JFK lounge looks like something that I would love to see someday!

    Alexa Cress on
  • Wow! I looked up pictures of these and they look sooo nice. I haven’t been to any of these airports – I would say JFK is the one I’m most likely to visit in the next decade. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll find myself first class for that! The atmosphere looks so hip and fun.

    Jamie A on

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